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 Team BMC 08 Jul 2021

The BMC is recruiting for a new Chief Commercial Officer (CCO).

The new CCO will be responsible for revenue generation at the BMC through a combination of commercial activities, developing commercial partnerships, increasing membership and grant funding.

The BMC fully recognises that in these difficult times we must spend our resources, primarily received through your membership fees, wisely. The Board and Council believe that the employment of a CCO will provide significant benefits to members; and to ensure this the business case for the role is designed to be 'self-funding' i.e. that the costs of employing the person are outweighed by the savings or income they generate. This will be monitored by the CEO and the Board.

The 'business' of the BMC is a critical element in supporting the BMC as an organisation in delivering its objectives and the needs and aspirations of our members. In short, the more revenue we can bring in, the bigger the pot to spend on strategic objectives like Access, Training, Education, Membership Engagement etc. 

The new CCO will report to Paul Davies, our recently appointed CEO, and complement the newly appointed CFO (Paul McKeon). The three roles together will provide a strong core to the BMC’s Senior Management Team, which can more effectively support the Board and the Members in ensuring the BMC can continue to effectively represent our members and our communities' interests to "all appropriate authorities, institutions, organisations and associations".

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.
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