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Tom Briggs 03 Apr 2012

To mark 150 years of British Alpinists climbing in the Swiss Valais, there are various celebrations this summer organised by the local residents. Jagged Globe's hotel base in Arolla, the Mont Collon, was founded in 1862 to accommodate the early Alpine pioneers, so we thought we would put on a "Mountaineering and Adventure" film night every week that our Alpine Introduction course (http://www.jagged-globe.co.uk/course/itinerary/alps+intro.html) takes place.

The film programme will show on Friday evening at 8.30pm in the hotel from 22 June until 14 September (13 weeks) and is open to all.

The cost is €5, which will be donated to the Danielle Children’s Fund, a charity in Ecuador and Nepal that Jagged Globe has long been a supporter.

In addition, anyone who attends the film night can enter a prize draw to win a 5th edition (published in 1908) of W Larden’s “Guide to the Walks and Climbs around Arolla”.

The programme has been put together in partnership with "Best of ShAFF (Sheffield Adventure Film Festival)” and features some recent films that we've really enjoyed:

The Swiss Machine 2011 24 mins

Stunning aerial footage of Ueli Steck's record-breaking speed ascents in the Alps. The Swiss Machine charts the amazing feats of perhaps the greatest speed alpinist the world has ever seen. Ueli literally races up mountains doing in hours what other mountaineers take days to achieve.

Samsara 2010 22 mins

Conrad Anker, Jimmy Chin and Renan Ozturk travel to Meru in the Garhwal Himalaya, India - one of the most iconic and sacred peaks on the planet. This creative look into the remote Himalayan climbing experience includes art and 3D photo animations to bring the personal experience of suffering and beauty to the audience.

As It Happens 2011 16 mins

Telling the story of an adventure is never an easy task - films are often produced in far away and long after an expedition diluting its intensity. Alpinists Renan Ozturk and Cory Richards use cutting edge technology tell the story of their new climb in the Everest Region of Nepal 'as it happens' from the field.

Into Thin Air 2012 9 mins

Bike-mountaineering takes mountain biking to a whole new level. Harald Phillip and Martin Falkner hike up then bike-ski and crevasse hop through snowfields, following hairy turns along awesome World War 1 singletrack trails down Monte Cevedale (3,778m). Italy.

This Is My Winter 2011 26 mins

Follow big mountain snowboard legend Xavier de la Rue through a whole season. Includes a hair-raising 4-hour descent of one of the most mythical ski descents in Chamonix, the Aiguille de Plan.



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