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Lowe Alpine on 27 Mar 2019
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If you’re all about a life on the move, hitting the trails around the world or scrambling up rocks, then you could be who Lowe Alpine are looking for…

Lowe Alpine are looking for content creators with social influence to help move their brand forward!

Lowe Alpine was founded by pioneering climbers who lived and breathed the mountains. They’re proud of their heritage, and are looking for the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts to represent the brand and share their message of leading a life on the move. 

What they’re looking for…

Dynamic content creators who love the Lowe Alpine brand, with active, engaged followings on either:

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Blog
  • YouTube

You don’t need to be climbing E10’s or a full time Instragrammer - you simply need to have a passion for the Lowe Alpine brand, and a genuine love of outdoor adventure. 

Whether you’re a hiker, skier, climber, mountaineer, or simply love being out in green open spaces –if you love sharing your adventures with those around you then you could be who we’re looking for!

Why represent Lowe Alpine?

As part of their team of representatives, you will be given a minimum of two backpacks per year, plus exclusive access to upcoming pack ranges ahead of launch. You’ll also be given an exclusive discount code for your use across the Lowe Alpine website- but that’s only the beginning…

We’re looking for a select group of representatives to act as formal ambassadors for the brand. If we love your content as a Lowe Alpine representative, and want to grow your relationship with Lowe Alpine, then we will invite you to become part of the Lowe Alpine Ambassador Team. This comes with financial support for your adventures, opportunities to represent the brand in marketing and advertising for the brand, plus invitations to exclusive Lowe Alpine trips and events- some of which may be overseas.

How to apply

Email ambassadors@equipuk.com with your answers the questions below- and make sure to put your full name in the header of the email with the word ‘ambassadors’.

  1. What social media channels do you use? Please list, and include your handles so we can check out your epic content!
  2. What is your main outdoor activity/activities? List up to three.
  3. Why do you want to be a Lowe Alpine ambassador? (max 300 words) 
  4. Do you have any other partnerships or sponsorship deals with other brands? If yes, please provide details.

Please include your contact number and country of residence with your application.

Mountain Spirit - on 31 Mar 2019
In reply to Lowe Alpine:

I have applied for this today.

Mountain Spirit - on 07 May 2019
In reply to Lowe Alpine:

Any news on the applications? 


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