/ Trad Climbing - Pembroke, Wales UK

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Jacob80 09 Oct 2019

Hopefully videos as well, not only photos?

A short video clip of the trad rock climbing done in July on the cliffs of Saddle Head in Pembroke, Wales (UK). I have used only GoPro HERO HD2 and my smartphone to capture it. The weather was great and we have had a plenty of fun during two days. Good spot with the plenty of various difficulty routes - recommended!

Trad Climbing - Pembroke, Wales UK (Remastered 2019)


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henwardian 09 Oct 2019
In reply to Jacob80:

Looks like a lovely day and a nice route.


I'm afraid it only reinforces what I've often thought before about helmetcam footage - it can work really well for some sports but not for climbing. The problem is that 90% of the time the rock is a couple of feet in front of the camera, the climbers head is constantly whipping around looking for the next hold and the distortion makes it even harder to figure out what's going on. In something like skiing or mountain biking or surfing there is a proper view to be seen and the sports(wo)mans head is pointing in one direction for a reasonable amount of time and not constantly changing.

It's nothing against you specifically, I don't think I've seen any helmetcam footage of climbing that I can remember being that great. Perhaps it can work as short sections edited into a longer film. (I too had a helmetcam years ago and filmed some climbs but when I watched the footage, it was just so chaotic, I didn't even try to put it together into a film).

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.