Taken any good bird photos this year?

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 The Lemming 29 Nov 2017

Seems like the mod's killed the first attempt at my title choice.

However I'm quite pleased with yesterday's attempt at photographing a couple of tits. I have entered a photo competition with Martin Mere photo comp but this image is not allowed as it was not taken there. And some of the images are far superior to my offering of three images

Care to share your images of birds take this year?
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 Mal Grey 29 Nov 2017
In reply to The Lemming:

Been quite good this year, though I'm not claiming anything special.

Swan, Incoming! Right place, right time, though to be fair I have been trying to get a shot of a swan coming towards the canoe for a few years:

Red kite, Oxfordshire downs

Sadly, low light and quite grainy, but its taken me years to get close enough to a kingfisher to get a half decent shot

Osprey, Rogen, Sweden

Griffon vulture, Gorges du Tarn

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I confess that some were last year as well, including the Great Northern Diver, a bird I've long wanted to see since reading Arthur Ransome.
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I've got a few... my new favourite photographic subjects...

Yellow Billed Kite:

White-breasted Cormorants:

Violet-backed Starling Pair:

Southern Yellow-Billed Hornbill

Immature Snake Eagle:


Red-billed Oxpecker:

Pied Kingfisher:

Magpie Shrike (I think)

Lilac-breasted Roller Bird

Jackal Buzzard (Male)

Jackal Buzzard (Female)

More Here:
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 Ciro 29 Nov 2017
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I'm not really a bird man, but I got this buzzard from above up at Sandwood Bay:

And a lucky encounter with a short eared owl:
 Mikkel 29 Nov 2017
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a butterfly is a "summerbird" in Danish so does this count ?

spend quite some time out looking for the Eagles when i was last in Denmark.
The south west coast of Jutland is amazing for watching birds
Marsh Harrier (i think)
and a little fast bugger

and then finally after some days caught the Eagle close enough to get some pictures

and finaly my favourite bird, a Raven snapped in Canada
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I like DSCF6977c
In reply to balmybaldwin:

Thank you. Photographing Arctic terns in flight has been most frustrating. I have several hundred slightly out of focus pictures of them...
 Mikkel 30 Nov 2017
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My way of taking shots of those have been going to Farne Island, hold camera over head while keeping the shutter pressed down, and take shots as they attack you
 Big Ger 30 Nov 2017
 alx 30 Nov 2017
In reply to The Lemming:

Here you go, some from the shared gallery with Lil’k.

Barn Owls & Little Tern chicks in Norfolk:

A variety of South African birds and other wild life:

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