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 AJK87 11 Jul 2021

Hi all,

I'm not a photographer but I was recently contacted by Hilleberg who had seen a photograph of mine featuring my Hilleberg with a nice backdrop and my partner in the distance.

They asked if I would share the photograph with them and said their marketing team would contact me regarding a photo licence.

My question is what can I reasonably expect payment wise?

Much of this depends on what they want to use the photograph for and how much freedom they hope to have with it.

As a none photographer I have zero knowledge. Would appreciate some advice.



 Señor Último 11 Jul 2021
In reply to AJK87:

You're right. It will depend on spread, ie whether it's a full page, front cover, little inset pic etc and distribution, ie whether it'll be used in the UK only, Europe, Worldwide, etc. Also, whether you'llicense them to use once, twice, in perpetuity etc. They'll probably have fixed rates tbf, which could be anything. I would imagine a reputable company like Hilleberg will give it to you straight and not try to underpay you because you aren't a pro, but I doubt you will have much room for maouveure, it'll just hinge on a yes or no from you. Honestly though, could be anything. Some people seem to want to throw money at me for jobs, others are like getting blood out of a stone, but I work on a day half day rate so it'll be different for this. 

In reply to AJK87:

You could take a look at what stock sites (alamy, Adobe, shutterstock, getty etc ) charge for various types of license for individual images.

Not exactly comparable as it’s a different business model but might give you a rough idea. Obviously look at what they charge the buyer, not the commission they then pay the photographer. And ignore the subscription purchaser type prices. 

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