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butlinpm - on 09 Nov 2012
I'm looking for a new camera for my girlfriend. She only has an old compact at the moment (and an iPhone), but she's quite keen and knows how to use basic manual controls. A compact system camera seems like a good option for much higher quality, more control and little weight penalty. I'd like to get her something that will inspire her to get into photography more.

My budget is about £200. For this I thought at first that I'd have to get something second-hand, but I've found a new Olympus PEN E-PL2 for $299. Do you think this would suit? Are there any alternatives I should be looking at?

Thanks v much for your advice - I'm almost completely ignorant in this area.
JDal - on 09 Nov 2012
In reply to butlinpm:

Nothing wrong with m4/3, it's got plenty of room for upgrades, and good lens choices. People will also point you at Sony NEX, which do look like great bodies, but the lens line up isn't so good. Mostly people will tell you that whatever kit they have is the best. The bottom line is there are no really duff cameras out there.

I had an E-PL2, it's a good camera, I had no complaints. I traded it for a smaller E-PM1. I presume $299 is with a kit lens? If so it's a good price. Also, Olympus have just released upgrades to their range, so prices may drop a bit on the older ones in the next month or so.

I'd look at the Panasonic m4/3 offerings as well - they're good bodies.
butlinpm - on 10 Nov 2012
In reply to JDal: Thanks, that's much appreciated. Anyone else?
Colin Moody - on 10 Nov 2012
In reply to butlinpm:

I've got an E-PL1 which I like. It's a twin lens kit but I don't use the long lens a lot.
It wasn't expensive because it wasn't the latest model.

The photos below were taken with it, I think a lot of them were with auto setting.
stp - on 18 Nov 2012
In reply to butlinpm:

I got a Panasonic G3. Excellent camera though lenses are quite expensive as there is less choice and less second hand stuff floating about.

If she's unlikely to cough up for new lenses maybe a bridge/superzoom would be better, allowing more possibilities?

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