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Does anyone use the Lightroom app, and can tell me how it differs from Lightroom classic?

I've had to get a new pc as my old one went kaput, and trying to work out what LR package to put on it as I want to update from LR6.

 jethro kiernan 26 Apr 2020
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the Lightroom classic will be more familiar

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I use the app mainly for viewing and selecting for culling.

It has though most features of LR Classic including selective edits, healing brush, cropping, profiles, light, colour, effects, detail, optics, geometry & presets.

Personally I still use Classic for most of my edits; mainly due to screen size and ease of use.........

 ChrisJD 27 Apr 2020
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Go for the 20GB Photography Plan at £9.98/month and use 'Lightroom-Classic' = desktop LR

You also get desktop-PS and 'cloudbased' LR (but with only 20GB online storage). I don't use the cloudbased-LR. 3

Desktop LR-Classic is currently at 9.2.1, so a few on from your LR6 (2015).  You'll have to update your Cat(s).

Your original Cat(s) will remain unchanged - Lightroom will create updated cat versions that you will have to use on LR-Classic.

Any previously edited RAWs will be based on the LR-6 raw conversion process engine (Develop-Calibration-Process) - not sure what LR conversion engine that used (I think its Version 4).  Its now at Version 5. If you want your old edits to use latest conversion engine, then you will need to update the images (can be done in bulk via 'Sync' images, but only just check the 'Process' box ! ... try it out on a few images ....)

They'll also be some new Develop features that will be at Zero/Default on previously edited images.

...  but I think you might have to update the Process version of an previously edited image to get to new LR Develop features ...  you'll need to experiment/check

 Durbs 27 Apr 2020
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I tried to like cloud Lightroom (or just "Lightroom" as it's called), in particular the app - but there are (were?, haven't checked) some major gaps in functionality; specifically export plugins (SmugMug / Flickr).

This, combined with the need for things to be in the cloud - and I work with 80+mb RAW files made it very slow and I didn't really see any benefits.

I loved the idea of uploading from the desktop, culling and rating on the phone as-and-when, making edits at work on lunch break, or on laptop on the train etc. but it never really clicked for me.

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I'm with ChrisJD on this one. 

I've got the cloud plan, and I get the Lightroom, Photoshop and the mobile app included. 

Shame you can't just buy the software outright. Everything's going subscription-based now.

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Thanks all,  I've gone for photgraphy plan, and the desktop version...

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