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Chalk on 25 Jan 2013 -
Sorry if this has come up before, I know there's been a lot of discussions on grey imports lately, but like a lot of people i'm debating whether to go for the UK warranty or a grey import from a reputable seller.

I'm aware of the warranty issues, but was more interested in what happens when the warranty has expired and you get a problem. I'm assuming with a UK model you just send it back to Canon for a repair at a cost, where as with an import you would still need to send it back to the other country? Or are there other reliable options in the UK for Canon import repairs?
Harbrimar - on 28 Jan 2013
If a fault occurs after the warranty expires then whether you bought it in UK or as a grey import you will be liable for the cost of repairs. In both cases you could send the camera to an independent repairer or Canon, Nikon or whatever brand approved repairer. In all cases the cost to repair should not be any different bearing in mind the replacement parts would be the same as well as labour time. There are several Canon approved repairers around the UK (e.g. Colchester Camera Repair) if you search on the net. The only added protection you would have with a UK purchase would be if the camera had a manufacturing fault at the time of your purchase which then became evident after the warranty expired. Hopefully I understood your message correctly!
Richard Carter - on 31 Jan 2013
In reply to Chalk:

Not had any repair issues with Canon, but with Fujifilm and Nikon I've sent grey import stuff for repair both in and out of warranty and I've never had an issue with them refusing to fix it or anything. They just handled it like it had been bought in the UK

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.