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 jethro kiernan 26 Jul 2018

Dji inspire, does anyone have any experience of these drones, I have been using a DJI Mavic air for a few months, I’m impressed by its video, but I would really like to have good quality stills so a inspire with  M4/3 would be the ticket, any thoughts?

and I don’t want an anti drone rant, I won’t be buzzing people on stanage on a Saturday afternoon ????

 The Lemming 26 Jul 2018
In reply to jethro kiernan:

Only seen them on youtube.  They are big cumbersome beasts that work better with two people controlling them to get the best of them.

And from test youtubes the quality is excellent however a DJI mavic pro isn't that far behind on quality on a sunny day if you are not into major productions for cinema or TV.

 KeithWakeley 26 Jul 2018
In reply to jethro kiernan:

Big, heavy. Flys well though and jolly fast if you need to chase down a fast moving car / bike etc for video. X7 camera is damn good for video but jolly expensive.

If you are after stills get a Phantom 4 Pro. 1" CMOS sensor with mechanical shutter. Cheaper, lighter and a joy to fly.

A guy I know who is a professional photographer ditched his Inspire for a P4P, he's happy with it. I fly them for work but for survey applications, P4P does all I need it to do.






 jethro kiernan 28 Jul 2018
In reply to KeithWakeley:

I’m interested in the M4/3 sensor for photos,  I’ve been impressed with the Mavic air for video, less so for pictures, but I  use full frame normally, alongside an Olympus M4/3 for occasional use so have quite high expectations regarding dynamic range etc..

In reply to jethro kiernan:

The DJI Mavic Pro 2 is rumoured to have a better camera. May be worth holding out for that if you're not in a hurry.

In reply to jethro kiernan:

Are you using RAW images off the Mavik? I have found the JPEG’s are a bit rubbish but the RAW are really good.


 jethro kiernan 28 Jul 2018
In reply to Alan James - UKC and UKH:

Yes I’ve been using Raw, Gogarth would be a lot aspire with a drone and decent sensor 


i have heard the new new mavic might have a 1” sensor

 James Rushforth Global Crag Moderator 28 Jul 2018
In reply to jethro kiernan:

I find the Phantom 4 Pro a perfect compromise between the Mavic and Inspire. I can take it hiking (with the right bag) but it produces images I’m happy to use in a guidebook for professional photographers. 

It’s obviously not the quality of the D810 / D850 and you can’t throw the RAW files about quite the same but it’s pretty impressive for the size. A good dynamic range, easy to use bracketing and if all else fails you can stitch a few images together. 

Inspire is undoubtedly excellent but there’s a lot of it to transport. 

 jethro kiernan 29 Jul 2018
In reply to James Rushforth:

Cheers James

in going to have to have a look and weigh up sizes, the mavic air is cool because it is very easy to transport, obviously the inspire would be for specific projects, but would it be feasible to carry an inspire and D810 set up, I’m sure it a not dissimilar problem with the phantom.


more camera bags :-/

Also have you used drones on any via ferratta, I have been thinking of trying to get out to Italy in September, but this may have to be deferred due to work.

 Mark Savage 29 Jul 2018
In reply to jethro kiernan:

Hi Jethro

It all depends what you mean by 'good quality'.

I had the same requirement, so I've done quite a bit of research into this. I got hold of Raws or DNG files from lots of different drones (including the Inspire) and found that although some have a surprisingly good dynamic range and are fantastic for high quality video, the quality of the stills for anything other than web use or small prints is terrible. I keep getting my hopes up though.

They're probably fine for a guidebook though as the prints won't be very big and obviously ease of transport is an issue, but I wouldn't dream of giving a client a photo taken on something like a P4P, for example as they just won't hold up to the slighest scrutiny.

Also, clients tend to say things like "We only need it for our website banner", then six months later want a two metre wide print for their reception area.

I've worked with plenty of drone videographers who do commercial work and not a single one of them uses a standard drone camera for stills.

The Mavic 2 Pro is supposed to have a 1" sensor and a Hasselblad camera, so hopefully it's going to be a big step up in quality. Fingers crossed.


In reply to jethro kiernan:

One reason I am convinced the Mavik (or something that small) is best for climbing crag and action shot work is the constraints of the locations you have to launch and land. This, combined with the fact I usually want my climbing gear too, means the Mavik is the only solution for me. However I am only aiming at A4 double-pages but I do take 9 or even 16 grid merges for the crag shots which could go miles bigger than A4.

Having seen an Inspire on the drone course I went on, there is no way you could get that to many of the locations I have flown at and you almost certainly wouldn’t be able to land it. I catch-land the Mavik in some places since there isn’t a big enough bit of level ground. I wouldn’t want to catch-land a Phantom and you certainly can’t do that to an Inspire.

However if you aren’t getting the quality you want from the Mavik then I can understand wanting to get a better camera. I would probably hang on for the new version though since the portability is a massive bonus.


In reply to Alan James - UKC and UKH:

> I wouldn’t want to catch-land a Phantom and you certainly can’t do that to an Inspire.

You might well be correct about it being a bad idea but there are lots of videos of people doing it with both drones so it's certainly possible, if not advisable.

kmhphoto 30 Jul 2018

Although DJI haven't mentioned much Argos the retailer have confirmed  Mavic 2 Pro and a Mavic Pro Zoom is soon to launch with a 1" CMOS sensor, 5 mile range and 31 minute flight time.   It's in their recent catalogue.

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