Canon 80D Vs Nikon D7200

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 Harry Cook 02 Jul 2019

As in the title trying to decide on a high-level enthusiast camera. The following are what I shoot and require so after peoples experiences and opinions. It's asking a lot from an enthusiast camera but I don't fancy dragging a super expensive kit up a climb or ski. 

-Sports ("Extreme Sports")
-Rugged for use at high altitude in harsh weather
- Lens costs from second-hand retailors

Let me know your thoughts. 


In reply to Harry Cook:

Yep, both absolutely fine for the job!

I'd probably go for the nikon, as the sensor will be slightly better. But the Canon will give you more options for cheap lenses.

(I use a similar canon) 

((and you do realise that mirrorless is the future, don't you?)) 

 Harry Cook 02 Jul 2019
In reply to Dan Arkle:

When I'm talking lenses I'm more looking towards the L series lenses. More second hand canon lens models seem to be what I've seen. 

I'm 100% onboard with mirror less being the future but for sub 1500 for second hand body, kit lens and top quality lens in a mirror less seems hard to come by. If you've got any ideas I'm all ears

 jethro kiernan 02 Jul 2019
In reply to Harry Cook:

I’ve previously had the Nikon D7200, great camera and tough 

i would recommend it and also the Tokina 11-16mm side angle lens 

that and a 50mm 1.4 

and a telephoto zoom would cover the stuff you’ve stated

i believe there are more L lenses around

personally I've found the mid range zoom 24-105 equivalent  a bit  boring, preferring a wide zoom and a fast 50mm

 Philip 03 Jul 2019
In reply to Harry Cook:

I've got a Canon 60D. Bought 2nd hand with very little use, about 6 months after they were released (8 years ago?). I use canon IS for 17-85mm and 60mm macro, but Sigma for 170-500.

Looking at your budget, even in new parts for £1600ish you could have Canon 77D, 15-85mm , 100-400L IS. So 2nd hand should be easier. I'm more wary of 2nd hand lenses, than body.

 jethro kiernan 03 Jul 2019
In reply to Harry Cook:

Hi, never used the canon but I had the D7200 for a few years. 

Loved the  Tokina 11-16 II, though it's a bit weighty! The newer zooms are pretty decent for consumer lenses the 18-55 AFP and 70-300 AFP, I owned both and the 70-300 was a big improvement in both focus speed and sharpness particularly at the long end compared to the old 55-300.

Have you considered the Fuji XT2 or Sony A6300 might be a similar price and performance to the DSLRs? 

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 graeme jackson 03 Jul 2019
In reply to Harry Cook:

I have a canon 70d and it's brilliant so I can only assume the 80d will be ten brillianter.  Have a collection of lenses but almost always use canon's 18-200 unless I want macro or extreme wide angle.

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