Where to move in a given area to maximize climbing?

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Hey everyone,

I have been offered a position in Tewkesbury and am not really familiar with the area. I have already looked up climbing places nearby, there is a gym in Gloucester and outdoor crags near Wye valley. As I don't really know how good the indoor gyms are there I would like some personal insights. Can someone give me advice on where to move in the area to be able climb after work without commuting to work too much?

Many thanks.


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 PaulJepson 14 Sep 2021
In reply to Tomadevil:

The Warehouse climbing wall is decent. Symonds Yat is probably your closest after-work outdoor hit, as Wintours/Windcliff/Shorn Cliff are an hour away. In Tewks you are very close to Castle Rock and Cleeve Hill, which are alright once or twice. 

I've not heard amazing things about Gloucester as a place to live, so I'd maybe consider moving there carefully. 

 nikoid 14 Sep 2021
In reply to Tomadevil:

Somewhere in between Gloucester and Cheltenham,  Churchdown perhaps could work? The Warehouse climbing wall in Gloucester that you mention will be relocating to Bentham,  SW of cheltenham but I'm not sure how this project is progressing. There is also a recently opened Boulders in Cheltenham. If you decided to live in Tewkesbury that would be slightly less convenient for the walls in the evenings but still perfectly OK. Bit more life in Cheltenham and Gloucester though. On the longer summer evenings you can get to the Wye valley after work as well. As an aside I don't know if you are buying a house but if you are bear in mind some parts of Tewkesbury are prone to flooding!

 Forest Dump 14 Sep 2021
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Thank you for everyone's reply. How good is the Warehouse climbing gym?

As I have to go into the office only 3 times a week, I may consider moving closer to Bristol. I have heard there are good climbing gyms there. Is that true?

Stroud looks nice. Is there anything going there climbing-wise?

 PaulJepson 15 Sep 2021
In reply to Tomadevil:

The demand for climbing in Bristol is massive and as such there are a lot of gyms; 3 dedicated bouldering centres (Flashpoint, Bloc, TCA) and 2 roped centres (Redpoint and UCR). They're all pretty good, though it might be a pain to get to the ones south of the river (Redpoint/Flashpoint) on an eve. 

If you're leading VS, there are a few decent multi-pitches in the gorge but the better climbing starts at HVS/E1 (especially so on the Suspension Bridge Buttress). If you're leading <VS then I'm afraid the options are a lot more limited in terms of decent climbs. There is a bit of sport in the New Quarry and Quarry 3 on the other side but you'd be better off sticking to the Wye Valley for that kind of thing (the nicest thing I can say about the sport in the gorge is that it is an acquired taste). Lots of good stuff in the Wye Valley in the VS-E2 range. 

Traffic on the M5 between Glos & Bristol during the busy times can be pretty horrible, so bear that in mind if you'll be commuting. 

 Forest Dump 15 Sep 2021
In reply to Tomadevil:

Not sure, sorry. Just heard its one of the nicer towns in that part of the world

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