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 Spike 07 Apr 2022

A positive shout out to , who took back my 15 yr old winter soft shell trousers and fixed the pocket which had delaminated and sent them back to me fully repaired, all for free as part of their sustainability culture. Good service and thank you!

 NathanP 07 Apr 2022
In reply to Spike:

I had exactly the same experience, except I think mine were even older! 

I contacted them on the off chance they could do a paid for repair and was genuinely surprised to get an email back with a post paid label and an offer to fix them under warranty, despite having no receipt and not even being sure where I'd bought them from.

Not cheap to start with but in terms of cost per use, a bargain.

In reply to Spike:

I might have to ask if they can do anything about my lovely Mixmaster jacket, where the shell to fleece bonding has failed completely. Other Powershield items of the same vintage are still fine. Core Skin jacket of the same vintage also went the same way.

Given that it's just a layer of glue (the 'semi permeable membrane'), I don't hold out much hope it can be restored to the same, perfect level of breathability.

 mike123 08 Apr 2022
In reply to OP : I’ve lost count of the number of times Patagonia have repaired or replaced  stuff for free for me , from zips in thermals and fleeces to replacing over trousers that started to leak . Way better after sakes than any other premium brand I reckon . I buy it mostly from mountain factor in Ambleside ,who ,  provided the piece is clean ( washing kit that is being returned is just good manners really anyway ) will sort it out . 

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cb294 08 Apr 2022
In reply to Spike:

Same here, Patagonia service is the best I have ever experienced.


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