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Squirrel proof bird feeders

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 Tringa 13 Jan 2021

Does anyone use a peanut feeder made from perforated metal, such as something like this one?


I'm looking for one that squirrels can't destroy and which has gaps too small for the squirrels to get to the nuts. I'm hoping if the squirrels can't get into it they will leave it alone.

I could exclude the squirrels by putting the current wire mesh feeder(which the tree rats are slowly dismantling) in a cage but that would also exclude the great spotted woodpeckers and ring necked parakeets too.

I'm happy to buy another feeder but don't want to if it will get destroyed too.


 Sans-Plan 13 Jan 2021
In reply to Tringa:

Not sure about squirrels but if somebody finds a jackdaw proof one I'm interested !

 Andy Hardy 13 Jan 2021
In reply to Tringa:

I heard somewhere that squirrels don't like chilli powder, but birds don't mind, hence dust the peanuts with chilli powder before serving to the birds

 Tom V 13 Jan 2021
In reply to Sans-Plan:

I don't know what you're hanging it off but Knowing that they can climb down string or twine, I hang mine from plastic strimmer line and it seems to stop them getting any purchase with their claws.

 kathrync 13 Jan 2021
In reply to Tringa:

Look on the RSPB shop for squirrel guardians - these work pretty well for me (although I don't know how compatible they are with bird feeders from other places).  

For Sans-Plan, they don't keep the Jackdaws out entirely, but they do make it a lot harder for them to hoover everything up and the other birds get a look it.

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 kipper12 13 Jan 2021
In reply to Tringa:

Found smearing vasoline on the lid and pole worked well, for squirrels. This was a tip from someone who worked at a zoo

 NathanP 13 Jan 2021
In reply to Tringa:

I've been losing a battle of wits against the squirrels in our garden recently as their constant presence on the bird feeders has been scaring the birds away. It also put them at risk from the cat as they crossed the lawn.

I've come to the conclusion that, rather than individually squirrel proof feeders, it is easier and cheaper to squirrel proof the feeder pole. An upturned bucket/wastebin shaped thing mounted on the pole below the feeders seems to work well. The top has to be high enough that they can't just jump onto the top from the floor and it has to not have a lip around the bottom edge that they can reach out to from the pole then dyno off for the top (I watched them do that with the Mk.1 version). Obviously the whole thing must be far enough from trees and fences that they can't just jump from there.

 mondite 13 Jan 2021
In reply to NathanP:

I ended up with much the same solution. Got a anti-squirrel cone on the pole which after some experimentation and watching them bypass it is now at the right position. Main downside is it means the feeder is more exposed than I would like so currently thinking about how I can rig the fences so they cant jump and hence be able to move it closer to cover.

 cfdouglas 13 Jan 2021
 Denning76 13 Jan 2021
In reply to Tringa:

I wondered how long it would be until that one came up.

 kestrelspl 13 Jan 2021
 Tringa 13 Jan 2021
In reply to kestrelspl:

Thanks for the suggestions, all. I have tried chilli powder and it does work but fades and get washed off by the rain.

The garden is narrow and I think anywhere in the garden is jumpable for a squirrel from the sides.

Thanks for the link, Kestrelspl. I might have to go for one of those.


 Le Sapeur 13 Jan 2021
In reply to Tringa:

I have a peanut feeder similar to the one in your link and the squirrels in my garden dragged it half way across the garden until it popped open. They are red and not grey squirrels so I put up with that behaviour.

In reply to Tringa:

In the interest of balance - Here is a bird proof squirrel feeder (patent pending)...

In reply to Tringa:

This thread is like Caddyshack. We’re all being outsmarted by furry wee critters 🤣

 capoap 13 Jan 2021
In reply to Tringa:

Usual cone on the pole supporting the feeders with a free moving drain pipe underneath.

On top of the feeder pole i have a stainless steel dish upside down and greased, they take a huge leap from the nearest tree and skid off the top then try again,     Keeps me amused 

 Gavin 14 Jan 2021
In reply to capoap:

They've not yet worked out this one in my garden


If they get their feet as far as the 'rungs' on the bottom, when they weight them a shutter closes on the peanuts.

 Tringa 14 Jan 2021
In reply to Gavin:

Thanks again, folks.

Even in the pouring rain of today the little furries have almost emptied the feeder.

Our crossed terrier is very good at making the garden squirrel-free and last week he came within inches of making a squirrel, who thought it could outrun him on the ground, life-free, but he can't be on duty all day.

Cheers all.


 JefB 14 Jan 2021
In reply to Tringa:

We have a bird feeder that was being used by squirrels. We put three lemonade bottles one above another on the feeder pole. The Squirrel cannot get past the bottles it tried jumping off the seat next to it but it just slides off! It stopped the rats too.

We also bought base plates to go on the bottom of the feeders to stop grain getting onto the ground and attracting vermin. We then put a  two inch mesh cylinder which stands in the base plate. Its just simple mesh curved into a cylinder and held in shape with tape. It allows small birds access to the feeder but stops the Pidgeons . It works a treat. No rats, pidgeons or squirrels.


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