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Place to live in Sheffield

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 JonLongshanks 24 Jun 2020

As per title really! If you (or someone you know) has either a double room to rent in Sheffield, or a plot of land (farm, campsite, etc) where I could park my van up for a while, please get in touch...

Would be great to be with other outdoorsy folk. 

Thanks a lot


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 Timmd 25 Jun 2020
In reply to JonLongshanks:

The only place I could think of where you'd not get moved on from, is the new age place at the old Ski Village, which has a load of caravans on, but where they're being evicted from, which sounds a bit self contradictory, but it could depend on the time span of how things play out. 

I know of a few hippy types who have friends from there, and the few people I've met have seemed alright, but they might be more along the lines of the partying dreadlocked 'we're all part of the mystical wholeness' type people (fair enough) than the outdoory types you're probably looking for, though a few are into conservation.

It's a BUMP if nothing else. 

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 Timmd 26 Jun 2020
In reply to JonLongshanks:

There's a camping and caravan site on Soughley Lane, near to Roper Hill, it's just below Redmires and next to Wyming Brook, but you may get a bit solitary, I don't know if they'd be up for a long staying person and a single male, but there's no harm in asking, it's a small farm which has a caravan site to bring in extra money. Quite a nice vibe and friendly, they've filled my water bottle up for me before.


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 JonLongshanks 28 Jun 2020
In reply to Timmd:

Thanks for that. I will give them a call, it would be with my partner as well. 

At the moment it's looking like it might make more sense to rent a room anyway!



This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.