Looking for Centrica / British Gas Employee based in Sheffield

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 Jake Young 06 Aug 2022

Random request but I'm trying to track down a really helpful British Gas / Centrica employee based in sheffield that was at a party, didnt get their name but would anyone know who it may be? they had access to some British Gas app and smart meter system and mentioned they could use it to get bills down etc. so figure it would be worth speaking to them again and hoped they might be on here or someone might otherwise know them?  

In reply to Jake Young:

Has your UKC account been hacked?

OP Jake Young 18:12 Wed
In reply to rj_townsend:

Nope, it’s a genuine request. I would be interested to talk to someone who works for British Gas whom has back office access. Sometimes the bills aren’t the most easily understood when broken down and the person I spoke to seemed to be pretty clued up and able to assist. Let me know if you fit the criteria. Cheers

 Brown 07:58 Thu
In reply to Jake Young:

Were they telling you about Hive Home?

Its owned by Centrica and is a set of internet of things linked TRVs and sensors that retrofit to a standard gas boiler radiator system to give room level thermostatic programmable control.

 Moacs 09:25 Thu
In reply to Jake Young:

Keen on them, eh?

Perhaps the host might know who was invited, which group they were with etc.

But do consider what might appear a little bit stalky...

Post edited at 09:26
In reply to Jake Young:

Become a Centrica shareholder, I think...

GnT's all round!

 snoop6060 15:30 Thu
In reply to Jake Young:

That sounds like a proper good party that does. 

OP Jake Young 18:40 Thu
In reply to Brown:

Maybe, though I was more interested in the bit to do with the smart meters and how the generations of the smart meters SMET 1/2 are being changed/auto upgraded. They mentioned that the billing that is calculated could be different dependent on smart meters and their current version. Think they mentioned how the accuracy of the meters themselves can be questionable and through looking at the back office systems it can be possible to work out if there could be some inaccuracies. 

let me know if I’ve heard correct or if you have access to these systems. There’s like an app or a login to a site or something? It’s abit random I know but figured there’s been enough “winter bills rising” posts that it’s worth a punt.

in response to Moacs, the person was a guy so not what I’d be interested in. Just trying to get cheap energy to have enough to go climbing like everyone else. Cheers

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