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Chris Ebbutt 26 Mar 2020

Dear all

Rarely post and please bear in mind that I use my real name and am employed as a Gas Safe Registered Engineer.

Having seen today’s news that MOT’s have had a 6 month extension, do any others ( particularly fellow engineers) have concerns that gas safe register has still not changed its advice/ instruction to landlords that Landlord Gas Safety Records (LGSR) must still be completed within the 12 month time limit despite the current Covid 19 risks associated with entering peoples homes, particularly those in the ‘vulnerable’ groups. Clearly gas safety is vital, like Vehicle safety but surely some common sense at this time would be for LGSR to be extended to prevent unnecessary  spread of the virus. 
Thoughts and comments welcome.


Dax H 26 Mar 2020
In reply to Chris Ebbutt:

There are tens of thousands of things that have not been thought of yet, give the powers that be a little time and I'm sure it will come on their radar, in the meantime maybe don't go and do them. 

Philip 26 Mar 2020
In reply to Chris Ebbutt:

I was surprised that my Feed In traffic meter reading appointment wasn't cancelled last friday, the lady happily came into our house without asking if we were ill (we weren't and I would have cancelled if we were). This is a 2 yearly event and hardly that critical.

wintertree 26 Mar 2020
In reply to Chris Ebbutt:

One thought - people are using their cars much less and presumably - for another few weeks at least - using their central heating more.  So the approach to risk will be different.

marsbar 26 Mar 2020
In reply to Chris Ebbutt:

I think the risk to tenants and neighbours is higher while usual we are all at home.  With no MOT while we are all avoiding all but essential travel the risk from that is somewhat less than usual. 

While teachers are still looking after children of nhs staff and supermarket staff are surrounded by shoppers it seems to me that doing 6 landlord  certificates a day is of a similar or lower level of risk.  

I would suggest anyone doing this follows the same principles, don't do it if you are in one of the high risk groups.  Take precautions, ask all family members to be in a different room to where you are working and to open all windows before you arrive.  Clean all surfaces before you start work.  Wash hands after each job.  When you get home strip off and wash your clothes.  

Presumably you already have procedures to deal with not going into unhygienic properties so use them as much as possible.  If people refuse to  be in a different room just leave and let the landlord deal with them.  I assume you are inspecting social housing?  

I would put pressure on your employer to do advance work.  They should be telling tenants to follow the measures about windows and distance and that boiler cupboards should be clear so you aren't having to touch more stuff than needed.  They should also be checking that tenants aren't isolating.  

If your employer isnt willing to do this then the HSE might be your next port of call.  

In principle it should be possible but only in the cleaner places and if your employer cooperates.  I'm not sure what the answer is for the vulnerable who don't live cleanly but as a gas engineer that isn't your problem and maybe it becomes environmental health issue at the council.  

Chris Ebbutt 27 Mar 2020
In reply to marsbar:


thank you to everyone who responded. 
please look at the link to the petition above as I am clearly not alone in thinking that

Gas Safe Register

has failed us as engineers.

I have been risk assessing each job and putting people’s safety now, above longer term gas servicing requirements.

I really hope this petition is successful and Engineers are given the direct instruction from the top that should have been issued 2 weeks ago, rather than being instructed to carry on regardless.

yours sincerely


Chris Ebbutt 27 Mar 2020

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