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 spenser 18 Sep 2023

I'm delivering a presentation to some students at a local college next week on behalf of my employer and I have several images in the presentation with citations to the sources (around half are mine, half are third party images). I ran it past a colleague earlier and he said to remove the images taken from third party sources to avoid copyright issues (I'm not disputing this, just looking to improve my understanding and he's fairly senior so I don't want to chase him over it).

My understanding is that there are copyright exceptions for educational purposes? It's never been something which I've worried about in terms of university reports as my understanding was that none commercial educational applications are exempt.

Likewise I've never worried about it in documents at work as I have never needed to use images that aren't internally produced CAD images, or Engineering Drawings (which I naturally have permission to use) in any documents

Given that I'm representing an employer while delivering an educational presentation I have apparently stumbled into a bit of a grey area. For clarity, the images are of a bus from the town the college is in, the exterior of the Chernobyl Reactor Hall and The Elephant's Foot at Chernobyl so the images are taken from news reports and aren't depriving the sources of a means of income. Can anyone point me at something confirming if I can safely use the Chernobyl images?

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 SouthernSteve 18 Sep 2023
In reply to spenser:

It is likely that your presentation will be given to the students (as a powerpoint or PDF) and be recorded by ECHO or similar for EDI, archive and revision purposes. In light of this we are pretty careful in respect of this for student teaching. I would ask the college and go from there.

In reply to spenser:

There shouldn't be an issue in a purely educational context.Some info here.

You might want to be careful.of commercial sensitivity, however.

OP spenser 19 Sep 2023
In reply to MG:

Thanks both, no concerns about commercial sensitivity, the closest I will get to talking about my employer's IP will be to say "we are building test rigs to verify thermal hydraulic codes to demonstrate to ourselves and the regulator that a core melt escape such as Chernobyl's Elephant's foot can not occur".

 elsewhere 19 Sep 2023
In reply to spenser:

I always looked on wiki - it's the quickest/easiest/safest way to get images with Creative Commons type free usage licences.

The elephant's foot image (probably the one you are using) is the first I've seen on wiki that's not one of the public domain or creative commons type licences but looks like you can use it.

and for an exterior photo

Saved me thinking about educational exceptions even when I did work in education.

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