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Deadeye - on 22 Jul 2017

In this thread we reference other threads; specificically we quote the opening post... and the response post that has veered furthest from the OP.

For example:

OP: "Hi all, Did anyone strip ropes from pinnacle ridge yesterday or first thing this morning??? There where in place for the Lakes sky ultra if anyone did could we have them back!"

Subsequent post (SP): "Yes some will have made it to around 70 but not many. It's hard to find reliable data but annual mortality rates for adults seem to be in the 5-10% range, and for kids 30-40%.

Although some will have made the latter decades it's hard to believe that would have had that strong an evolutionary impact. 30-35 year olds would have been grandparents though.. Most males don't alter their risk profile until their early 20s, well after having kids in that society. Isn't it 23 or 25 insurance companies generally pick as a safer age group?"
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Deadeye - on 23 Jul 2017
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Or this:

OP: "My current trad harness (Wild Country Synchro) has seen better days and I'm looking to replace it.
One thing I really like about this harness is the number of gear loops (7), which I find really useful for organising my rack and being able to find what I want quickly.

I know that the DMM Renegade and the new Synchro are both well endowed in this department.

Are there any other harnesses worth considering?"

SP: "Yeah maybe, a have a bad neck possibly developing from a bad shoulder + not helped by riding a motorbike with blind spot checks followed by hitting the throttle sometimes tweeks my neck plus i landed a juijitsu throw badly on my neck + i may have lymes disease from tick bites which apparently gives you a really bad neck too, so i'm a real pain in the neck type, and currently not happy about having to twist to see out of reach gear!
I've just strarted a course of antibiotics to clear any possible lymes, but probably should have started it a couple of months back. I probably should go follow up with the blood tests too.
I seem to be finding it hard these days to find the right pillow height, but believe it's been too high now for years, although it felt good, it probably hasn't done my posture any good.
I had to try a sports massage b4 a climb a month ago, + recently my back, neck + shoulders have been getting so tight that it sometimes even hurts (mildly) just breathing! I probably should start another thread.... That's digressing alot!"
summo on 23 Jul 2017

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