Dog walk foraging

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Four (from over six) pounds blackberries. And Common blue, the darker one is a female. Loads of swallows - most I’ve ever seen round here. Could hear two groups of mewing juvenile buzzards. Been a good spring and summer weather wise, nothing too harsh, enough rain. 

In reply to Bottom Clinger:

Thanks to your butterfly and other photos yesterday it encouraged me out for a stroll to have a look what was about. Not likely to see a Cattle Egret up here though!!

Photos still on sd card but Meadow Browns were about mainly and a few Green-veined Whites. My main spot though was a male and female Linnet; I don’t see many up here and in full view.

A raptor surprised me as it quickly swooped close by; still to look at photos but guessing it was a Kestrel from initial sight.  Earlier in the week I opened the door to see a male Sparrowhawk heading towards me across the garden with a small bird (most likely a house sparrow) in it’s talons. 

Re foraging, there are huge amounts of wild cherries, apples and crab apples growing in the wild this year in areas I’ve wandered. In one small area yesterday there were some six apple trees laden with fruit and despite the number of dog walkers, bird watchers, etc, that must pass daily it didn’t appear anyone had taken any.

Few and poor rasps seen though this year, fewer alpine strawberries than expected, and not seen any blackberries this year so far!

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Feared the 'dog walk foraging' was going to yield a harvest of a very different nature...

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Linnets = totally underrated. The male esp is so colourful.  Odd how they blend in so well. 

Went back to Martin Mere today with my Father in Law. He’s late 80’s with dementia , but recognised the egret straight away due to his time spent in Africa (geological mapping and discovering gemstones and stuff).

 Sangweech 09:44 Sun
In reply to Bottom Clinger:

Went out foraging the other week with some friends who are mad for it. Identified a whole bunch of inedible, but pretty, plants. Lovely walk but returned empty handed.

Went for a walk in the same woods yesterday on my own and found a massive cluster of chicken of the woods after about 15 minutes. Absolutely chuffed, friends less so.

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Nice one. Not so good for mushrooms round here. Good for fruits though. Spied another damson bush today…

In reply to Bottom Clinger:

Things seem to be early here, but poor due to a lack of rain (driest July ever, and it's been a very dry year in general for many years). Blackberries are very small. Found a nice bush of giant sloes/bullaces/damsons yesterday though. Just about edible.

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