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Buying a wheelchair access vehicle

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 Denni 18:33 Mon

Hi folks,

hope you are all good and staying healthy.

I'm looking to buy a VW Caddy Maxi Life to semi convert into a day van. Even second hand they're ridiculously expensive. Saw one advertised with low mileage and a couple of grand cheaper, thought it was too good to be true so went to have a look.

Turns out it is a WAV which I'd never considered, still has 5 seats, which is what I wanted  and a ramp in the rear. Now, despite googling, not my strong point and probably using the wrong search words,  I can't find out if there's anything I need to do to have it as a non WAV? I've sent an email to DVLA to try and find out.

The garage only sells WAV's and the lady said they sell them all the time to folk who either want a cheaper low mileage car or something to convert. My plan was just to remove the ramp and replace the bumper. The only difference seems to be upgraded suspension and the exhaust has been slightly rerouted but can be put back to normal.

So long story short, has anyone bought a WAV before to use as a non disabled car and if so, do you have any advice?

Thanks in advance,


In reply to Denni:

I've a Caddy but not a WAV. When I was in the market I actually found the Caddy sites on Facebook useful. There's also a Caddy forum (Caddy2k) which has a wealth of knowledge (though is a bit of a chore to get access to post - very strict mods).

 Denni 19:22 Mon
In reply to Stuart (aka brt):

Thanks for that mate, will get onto that.


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