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 bleddynmawr 22 Sep 2021

I have been considering buying a blue light card, a discount scheme open to employees of emergency services, NHS, armed services etc.

What concerns me is that there doesn't appear to be a list of stores taking part, or the discounts offered, until after you have bought the card. It's only a few quid but don't really want to pay and then find I can get either a 1% discount at Rolls Royce or 100% discount at Woolworths!

Anyone have any experience?

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Good in service stations for getting discount on food and there, also used it for a discount with Garmin (which has probably saved me the equivalent of 3 years on the card). Also used it to get 7% off at Halfords the other day.

Well worth it for me, but it depends on the type of places you shop. 

 Stichtplate 22 Sep 2021
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Use it all the time. Saved the £5 it cost last night when I nipped into a motorway M&S (20% off)

 Naechi 22 Sep 2021
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The big coffee chains take it - worth it just for that if your powered by coffee like I am...

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Do the blue lights on the card flash so you can get to the front of the queue?

And do they actually check eligibility, or can anyone apply?

 kathrync 22 Sep 2021
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My sister and her husaband have one (he's police, she's NHS). I can't comment on how much value they get out of it on a day to day basis, but I do know that it saved us a packet on a family day out to Legoland over the summer...

 MikeSP 22 Sep 2021
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If you're a cyclist, tredz offer 10% discount.

 Stichtplate 22 Sep 2021
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ID card check

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I have a Defence Discount Service card. Similar to Blue Light (are probably the same thing). 

The discounts offered by Cotswold and the major outdoor retailers tend to be no better than you'd get with NT membership etc. Used to be big discounts on cars etc, but as a firm believer in buying second hand I never used it.

Certainly worth having, more than pays for itself if buying a jacket or pair of boots, but I often can't be arsed with the hassle of begging a discount on a cup of coffee from someone who doesn't know what I'm on about (and will probably spit in the babykiller's cappuccino).

 Acrux 22 Sep 2021
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Go outdoors and cotswolds give 15% off I think. Think morrisons give 10% off too

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Berghaus showing 25% online, go outdoors are 10% on top of their own 10% discount card (thats DDS rather than Blue Light, but I'm almost certain it's the same platform)

Edit: 20% off at Lovehoney. That's the gimp suit sorted.

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 bleddynmawr 23 Sep 2021
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Thanks, it was lovehunny that sold it!

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