/ Blade 720 drone ?

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mike123 24 Jul 2019

Anybody got one ? My kids have just seen it advertised on YouTube and it seems a bit too good to be true , my usual adage is that it therefore is . The website ( I just googled it ) also looks a bit amateurish and I suspect it might be a scam . They want to club together to buy one but I just told them to do a bit of research . This thread is my lazy attempt to stop them wasting £80.  

I know a lot of people here dislike drones and I kind of simpathise, but I m fairly sure their intended use is relatively harmlesss . If you feel the need to rant about drones please start another thread .

Sam W 24 Jul 2019
In reply to mike123:

I'd definitely say scam.  Photos seem to be very slightly photoshopped images of a DJI Mavic, the returns page talks about them not accepting health and personal care items back.

Harry Jarvis 24 Jul 2019
In reply to mike123:

Somewhat bizarrely, the Terms of Use has a range of irrelevancies which rather suggest a cut-and-paste from an unrelated site. Personally, I would't touch it with a bargepole. 

captain paranoia 24 Jul 2019
In reply to mike123:

Go and have a look at Banggood; dozens of drones to choose from. If you must...

balmybaldwin 24 Jul 2019
In reply to mike123:

If you as a parent don't know anything about Lipo batteries and how to deal with them safely, you really need to.  The potential to burn down you house is real.

As for the drone you mention, these are cheap Chinese knock-offs masquerading as DJI Mavic drones, and are well known for being rubbish in the drone community. Among their faults:

a) poor cameras

b) poor GPS lock/unexpected behaviour (it could well sod off to china)

c) lack of parts for repairs

d) no battery protection circuitry 

e) poor range

f) it's a camera drone so it's dull as hell to fly

L JigShaun 30 Jul 2019
In reply to mike123:  my uncle bought one of these for my brother for his birthday. He likes nature photography and video and we thought this would be an inexpensive way to dip his toe into drones.  Now, I can’t officially call it a scam, because a piece of electronic equipment did show up at his house.  Remember another adage: You get what you pay for.  Cheap is the right word for this thing.  Our first indication should have been the 720p camera.  I mean 4K is pretty much standard now. This camera isn’t even good at 720p. The image stability is awful, the focus is soft, and as far as we can tell, it’s a fixed lens. On top of that, their other claims are bogus too. The range is less than 75 feet. The speed is nothing like 50Kph and we flew for about 8 minutes in absolutely calm conditions.  Because it only has a USB charger it takes a long time to prepare for another 8 Minute flight, so if you did decide to buy this cheap toy, I would buy extra batteries. It's light enough that when it fell to the grass it didn’t break, but I wouldn’t want it to fall onto concrete.  I would tell your kids to do their research, and be ready to pay a little extra.  I will say that all three of us agreed that we would have had a great time if not so frustrated with the drone.  We're looking into getting a better one. My brother lives in New Brunswick on the St. Lawrence, and there are lots of great opportunities to get some good shots.

L someone 02 Aug 2019
In reply to mike123:

It's a clone from a clone you can buy the cheap original on Aliexpess for less then 35 dollar. Google E58 drone same version different box.

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L Phil.h.44 08 Aug 2019
In reply to mike123:

This item is garbage for want of a better description. Cheap and nasty and I am in the process of trying to return the one I have just bought. £80 down the drain in my opinion.

There are plenty of good drones  on the Market at far better prices, check out SYMA.

richlan 08 Aug 2019
In reply to captain paranoia:

Or Bangbad as the case may be, i have had experience, its very much a case of caveat emptor......


captain paranoia 08 Aug 2019
In reply to richlan:

I've bought plenty of stuff from them. When I had a problem with one order (size descriptions inadequate/incorrect), they sent a replacement without any fuss.


alx 08 Aug 2019
In reply to mike123:

Let them buy it and learn a very valuable lesson early on in life




that is that drone previewing three pebble slab blows yours on sight.

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In reply to mike123:

I pay but I did not receive the drone,looks like they are pulling me around,I tray to contact them they answered a few times sand a tracking numbers doesn’t exist, i’m Really disappointed e I suggest who is thinking to order don’T do it 


Toby_W 09 Aug 2019
In reply to balmybaldwin:

Spot on especially the lips battery part.  We have very strict policies at work for students using them for projects.



L Tfp123 12 Aug 2019
In reply to mike123:

It’s defiantly a scam. I just watched a ad for it on youtube, it came up before a video and thought I’d see what it was about. Instantly sceptical about the so called 60% more power than leading brands I thought that sounded fake so kept watching and while they’re showing the drones ability it cuts to the on board camera and what do you see? Oh it’s the camera of a dji drone with all the layout of a dji drone and even the letters DJI in the top left I couldn’t stop laughing it’s such a scam I wouldn’t even bother looking at them if they’re gonna lie like that 

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