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Wanderer100 - on 10:28 Sat

It's a mid March morning, it's as windy as hell outside. I have a quick check on the UKC forums and the top 2 posts have hatred as the main subject matter. How depressing I think and then think of the good things waiting to happen!

The wind will die down

British summer time starts in 14 days

I'm off to Belgium for the Tour of Flanders in 3 Weeks 

I'm out with the cycling club in the morning 

My teenage daughter is still sleeping peacefully upstairs.

So come on UKC. What other delights are waiting for you/us to help wash away the divisiveness and hatred that seems to be resonating factors in our lives?

Profanitynotsanity - on 11:11 Sat
In reply to Wanderer100:

Great idea.

Most immediately I will go to the gym to knacker myself before the tension of the rugby this afternoon and then a session in the pub with some friends.

Further away at the end of May a road trip to Scotland taking in some music festivals as well some glorious walking (hopefully a backpack) in the highlands. And a summer of walking, climbing and music festivals.

Wanderer100 - on 11:20 Sat
In reply to Profanitynotsanity:

Ah yes. The rugby!! An entertaining afternoon awaits!!

axor - on 11:46 Sat
In reply to Wanderer100:

Ah yes, positive thinking is always a good thing.

Looking forward to going to Snowdonia start of April. Tryfan, glyder fach/fawr on the first day and Snowdon horseshoe on the second. 😁😃🤩

Wanderer100 - on 11:59 Sat
In reply to axor:

Fit in Y Garn as well.on your first day. It makes a very satisfying round.

axor - on 12:03 Sat
In reply to Wanderer100:

Thanks! I will have a look on my os map, we were thinking it was a little short actually..

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toad - on 12:26 Sat
In reply to Wanderer100:

I’ve made a piece of smoked cheese using a big metal box and an uncle joes mint ball tin. Drilled the tin full of holes and Filled the tin full of dry oak sawdust. Set it smouldering and stuck in the box with a lump of cheddar and left it to it. It’s not half bad 😀

Moley on 13:08 Sat
In reply to Wanderer100:

The rugby this afternoon, but I could end up hating all Irish and English if Wales don't win - the hatred will wear off once I've sobbed into my pint.

Trout fishing starts for me in a few days time - occasional fresh trout dinners .

The rain and wind will stop one day and I shall enjoy going outside to exercise again.

alx on 13:49 Sat
In reply to toad:

That sounds ace! I love smoked cheese! 

Woke up to bright sunshine and the birds singing, despite the wind and rain. The house was cold but in that kinda great way where you can sort of feel that spring, and the smells and sounds are spring are on their way (like getting up really early on a summers day).

Cooked a nice breakfast.

Working through my slide deck for a presentation I am giving in Leeds next week about medical device product development. ( I love health tech so this is actually a pleasure).

Have got new carnivorous plants on order to look forward to receiving.

Feel good enough to go to the gym later.

Denzil - on 13:50 Sat
In reply to Wanderer100: Just booked train tickets to Inverness, and overnight accommodation before my sea kayaking trip to the Summer Isles in May. Next thing is to fix up a few days visiting friends in North Wales during April.


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