Lost yellow bobble hat

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 Jigi 17 Mar 2023


I lost my beloved ‘bumble bee yellow’ knitted bobble hat somewhere between Foxhole and Southgate car park (on the Gower). Last saw it near the base of the slab above ‘The day the sky fell in’. I walked out on that side of the crag contouring the ridge and then on up to the car park. 
If anyone finds it, please let me know! I will swap it for beer and much gratitude!!!

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OP Jigi 20 Mar 2023
In reply to sheep:

haha 😂 This summed up the situation pretty perfectly! Except it didn’t turn up on my head. 
However, I have just found it buried in a heap of waterproof clothing… that’ll teach me to go not go climbing in the rain 

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