Lost jacket - Clipiau ; Moelwynion

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 George_Surf 06 Aug 2022

Craig y Clipiau, Moelwyns;

I left my blue (red inner) synthetic jacket on the main level of slate just below the crag (Emerald / Depression Direct / Vestix area) this evening. It caught the wind as i was abseiling down so is probably almost in between the two faces. If anyone goes up there tomorrow and finds it id appreciate it if you bring it down, hide it near the car park and let me know. Its decathlon, its ripped, its cheap, but its still got loads of life left....

 Myfyr Tomos 06:45 Sun
In reply to George_Surf:

Hi George. Got it. I've pm'd you. Myf.

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In reply to Myfyr Tomos:

How did you get that so quickly?! Like some sort of ninja moving through the hills. I’ll drop you a message on Facebook. Thanks for that! 

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