Gear Lost at Bowderstone Pinnacle, Peak District area, Help needed

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 Hong 13 May 2024

Hi everyone,

Last Sunday, due to the terrible weather in the Lake District, we lost quite a bit of gear on the route [Bowderstone Pinnacle (Super-direct Start)]. The items include:

1 CAMP quickdraw

2 MAMMUT quickdraws

3 carabiners

1 Petzl Grigri 2 (orange)

1 Mammut 9.7mm x 40m rope

1 BEAL 9.8mm x 30m rope

3 DMM wallnuts

1 Black Diamond 3/4 cam

couples of slings

Since it's difficult for us to return due to work, I'm posting here in the hope that someone might find this equipment. I would love to get it back! I’m happy to cover postage costs and offer a suitable beer token or a donation to Mountain Rescue in return.

Please DM me if you have any information.

Thank you!

 joe.91 14 May 2024
In reply to Hong:

I'm guessing you actually mean the route Super Direct on Troutdale Pinnacle in the Lake District? 

 Gwinn512 14 May 2024
In reply to Hong:

What's the story behind leaving 2 ropes and a GriGri on a 2 pitch, 45m route?

 Jon Read 14 May 2024
In reply to Hong:

Sounds like an epic. Hope you get it back.

 joe.91 14 May 2024
In reply to Hong:

I stand corrected! The 'Peak District' through me off...

OP Hong 14 May 2024


Thank you to everyone who has paid attention to this. I made a mistake in my original post – it should be Bowderstone Pinnacle in the Lake District. I'm very sorry about that.

It was our first time doing a multi-pitch climb when a thunderstorm hit while we were still on the rock. The rain was extremely heavy, and with thunder occurring very close by, we felt it was too dangerous to continue. Being at the highest point in the area with metal gear during a thunderstorm was a significant risk, so we decided to leave as quickly as possible. The heavy rain also severely reduced visibility.

 Craig Dring 15 May 2024
In reply to Hong: Your kit is at Keswick MRT base drying out and ready for collection. There was a third rope as well. Message Keswick MRT through FB messenger when you are ready to collect.

 JamesM 15 May 2024
In reply to Hong:


I was leading on Bowderstone Pinnacle on Sunday (12th) didnt see any gear but noticed two people climbing it after us. The guide says Diff, yeah right.

However! I lost my blue/red Berghaus Goretex XCR lightweight jacket which was in the webbing on my sack on approach, must have fallen out on approach in/out.

We also did Balders Butress 150m to the right also.

If you come across it please give me a shout. i will also post separately.

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OP Hong 16 May 2024
In reply to Craig Dring: Thank you so much!!! DM sent!

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