/ Gear found on route in langdale

CMoore - on 10 Apr 2019

Found some gear left in a route in langdale. Let me know the route, the gear and I will let you know how many pints you can buy me for getting it back for you.

1poundSOCKS - on 11 Apr 2019
In reply to CMoore:


I guess you left White Ghyll late then? Or hope you did. Up there now, sadly with no gear.

It was in the HVS, Laugh Not is it? Apt route name in the circumstances.

Lots's of gear up the crack, but under the roof there was a large offset wire, I presume a quick draw or crab of the old jammed hex, and a Totem Basic next to a poor wire in the. Horizontal slot.

Was tired and couldn't find any holds out right, even though I've done the route before. Doh!!! So lowered off and couldn't find a safe abseil. 

But thanks very much, a lot of gear there and not everyone would bother to post.

Happy to buy beers obviously but leaving tonight. Sure we can arrange something.

If this isn't the right route this is a long story for nothing.  



CMoore - on 11 Apr 2019
In reply to 1poundSOCKS:

Yep. That's the one. Have sent you a mesaage