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Gear found at Ippikins Rock

 David Bowler 24 Jul 2020

Found remains of a belay at the top of Rose Corner just now. Let me know what you left and I will get it back to you. 

 Peter Cowell 02 Aug 2020
In reply to David Bowler:

Hello David, 

The gear is not mine. I am looking for route infomation on ippikins. Your post is the most recent mention of climbing on ippikins can find online.

It seems the guide book is out of print. I would be very greatful if you could share any topo photos you have with me?


 jamesg85 02 Aug 2020
In reply to Peter Cowell

You can get a guide to Pontesford via the Rockfax app if you want to go there instead. Unfortunately as you say the book is out of print and the pdf is unavailable. It seems a shame as there's decent climbing in the area.

 Peter Cowell 02 Aug 2020
In reply to jamesg85:

Hi James,

Thanks for the advice on Pontesford. I will definitely look into that also.

My parents have just moved to within a couple of miles of Ippikins. Walked there today and the climbing looks good as you say. So I am very keen to get hold of any info anyone can share on this crag.

 David Bowler 02 Aug 2020
In reply to Peter Cowell:

Hi Peter,

If you look for http://www.westmidlandsrock.co.uk/ippikins_interim_pdf_topo.pdf on the Wayback Machine at www.archive.org you can find a topo for some of the routes.

If you are still around the area then I'll be at the crag on Tuesday 4th from 6pm.