Found poles and gloves in Ben N Face car park

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 UncleMephisto 18 Mar 2023

Found set of poles and gloves in the Ben Nevis North Face car park today. Message me if they’re yours and we can sort out pick up. In the area till Monday eve.

OP UncleMephisto 18 Mar 2023
In reply to Albert Tatlock:

Thanks but these are different make of poles. Do please get in touch if you’re missing a set of poles and a pair of gloves.

In reply to UncleMephisto:


Have messaged you, think these are mine! 



In reply to UncleMephisto:

Just updating this thread to say the pole+gloves have been posted back to me.

As I've said to you a load of times already, many thanks UncleMephisto!!

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 Welsh Kate 20:50 Fri
In reply to doughobbs:

I love these matchmaking posts on UKC!

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