/ Found: Crampon Glyder Fawr/Y Gribin

nicholsonharry - on 02 Feb 2019

If you lost a crampon somewhere between Y Gribin and Glyder Fach on Sat 2nd Feb we picked it up and would love to reunite you!



L RossDurkin - on 04 Feb 2019
In reply to nicholsonharry:

Im Really hoping these were in a black carry bag with out the yellow name tag filled out I lost a pair still in the carry case on Saturday up there, I think it was when we had stopped for a brew and either left them next to where every one was sitting or lost them shortly after

Un Used brand new

Let me know Id love to have them back



nicholsonharry - on 04 Feb 2019
In reply to RossDurkin:

It was only one I'm afraid and not in a carry bag, does look rather unused though. 

Larefia on 17:09 Mon