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Cam found at Hen Cloud Mon 20th July

If you can describe the cam and what route you think it was lost on I'll arrange return


 EstherHyde 30 Jul 2020
In reply to steveb2006:

Hi Steve, 

I lost a red DMM dragon cam on the 18th up there. I think it may have fallen into the ferns at some point in the day as at the end of the day there was no sign of it. It's pretty well loved with a slightly frayed sling (plenty of life left in it)

It may have fallen off beneath Delstree, but we may have lost it anywhere on the crag between up to Rainbow crack as we were pretty active that day. 

Let me know if this fits the description of the cam you found. If it is I'm ECSTATIC. I live in Sheffield and will be in Pembroke this week. 



In reply to EstherHyde:

Hi that's the one ☺️. Will email to arrange return.