/ wanting to learn multi pitch

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ReeceBCooper 12 Jul 2019

I’ve been climbing for a few years now sport and recently for the past year I’ve been trad and wanting to learn how to multi pitch I’m in chesterfield Derbyshire so happy to travel if anyone can help let me know

John Cuthbert 12 Jul 2019
In reply to ReeceBCooper:

Check out the courses at Plas y Brenin, the National Outdoor Centre....


beardy mike 13 Jul 2019
In reply to ReeceBCooper:

Assuming you can set up a solid belay, there's really no difference, you just put in a belay and stop. A minor difference is that it is sensible to put in a piece shortly after the second belay to reduce the chance to loading the belay with a factor 2 fall. If you have the skills to do a single pitch, you have them for 2 or more pitches. Just start easy and work your way up. The only extra stuff you will want to learn but which isn't necessary until you actually need it is self rescue techniques.

Mick Ward 13 Jul 2019
In reply to beardy mike:

Totally agree.

[To the OP]  Back in the day, most people climbed in the mountains and what we now term multi pitch was the norm. My first lead was a 500 foot V Diff. It took me all day!

If you go to Wales, a good place to start might be Little Tryfan. Close to the road and feels friendly. You can do every route in one pitch but equally you could do them in two.

If that works OK, maybe go round and do the Ordinary Route on the Idwal Slabs, the next day. Much longer, so lots of belay practice. (Be careful with the way down - a notorious 'bad step' area.)

Drop grades. Leave yourself lots of time. Try and stay out of queues (not always possible, especially on the Ordinary Route).

When you get home, stick a post on here, reviewing what happened, what you think you got right, what you may not have.

Above all - enjoy!


McHeath 13 Jul 2019
In reply to ReeceBCooper:

All very good advice here. As regards settng up a belay - there are loads of good books with chapters on the subject, and plenty of material online. And half a day spent at the bottom of the crag (helmet!) practicing ist time very well spent, and fun to boot.

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buxtoncoffeelover 13 Jul 2019
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Hi Reece. I'd be happy to do a route or 2 with you to get you going. Monday - Wednesdays are best for me generally. Lake District or Snowdonia for mountain routes, but there are 2 pitch routes on Peak limestone too (& even on grit)


keith hal 15 Jul 2019
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Hi Reece

I have quite a bit of spare time coming up this month and beginning of August. I am hoping to  head to lakes and hopefully peak/Wales. I just climb easy grades but like mountaineering type multi pitch routes( usually around v diff/severe). 

Happy to meet up for a climb if you fancy it.



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Derek Furze 15 Jul 2019
In reply to ReeceBCooper:

In tune with many comments already, it was all just climbing when I started, with no particular distinctions made.  My first trips were to the mountains and we just got on with it - applying some basic belay building principles that we 'learnt' on the school wall.  I can remember a brilliant Lake District trip where the sun shone and we just started at mild severe and stepped up (MS, then S, then HS and so on) a grade division each day.   Six days later we managed our first HVS.

The biggest lesson learned was that belays on multipitch do need to consider a totally different direction of pull.  I learnt this on Kipling Groove when my very solid belays were a little high.  When my mate fell off leading the top pitch, I was yanked upwards into a downward pointing spike resulting in a spectacular bruised hip and a few fairly painful days of climbing... 

I should add that there is plenty to learn now with more advanced equipment and techniques, but it can be gradually developed.  It you can build belays and safely protect single pitch, plenty of multipitch is already in your grasp.

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L Railey956 16 Jul 2019

I also want this.

Ted44 16 Jul 2019
In reply to Reece and ANYONE ELSE out there wanting to do multi-pitch, I would be happy to climb with you.  Belaying is all important.   N. wales is a good  place to go for multi-pitch. I have been climbing multi-pitch for 20+ years.

Ted 077 664 565 28

PYB is the place to go!


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