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Wanted: Expedition member for up to a year

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 RDRUSSIA 10 Sep 2020

Kia Ora From Aotearoa NZ


It explains it alot better then text will do plus gives a face to the advert. 

Please have a look on there but be warned it has alot of info on there as it is an hour long presentation video. 

I am Ash , I'm from Aotearoa New Zealand and I am a Bushcrafter / filmmaker/ film student.

Other Outdoor recreation activities i enjoy include the following: Native Plant Id, Bushcraft, Firemaking, Primitive Trapping, Tramping ( Trekking, Rambling, Hiking, Backpacking ) Trail Running and I have done a long distance tramp ( TA Trail ) .

I am currently a Uni student awaiting to finish my degree In Te Reo Maori and Screen Production - Filmmaking- documentary/ backpack film making..

What i wanted to ask here is I am looking to Trek through Russia.

This is a long one so only will suit certain people. We are talking up to year expedition.


This Trek is expected to start around late March 2023-2024

Conditions anticipated are 4 seasons, Mid winter through to late fall.

I plan to do some documentary work along the expedition and I am a one man camera crew.

I have a friend who is also keen to do this expedition.

There are plans to get sponsorship on this expedition as well to help finance this. Not all of it but as much as I can.


Able to speak Russian?


Have Winter experience outdoors?


Have Bushcraft skills?


Have outdoor navigation skills


are able to pay for yourself along the way then

I want to talk to you.

Feel free to contact me.

I will welcome anyone is interested .

For further info please reply to this post.

And for those who might say it ain't NZ soft, I KNOW AND REALISE ALL DANGERS. Too many people have argued that on other forums with me.

I ain't here to argue, just network with like minded people.

I know this is Hundy as ( KIWI 4 100% or beyond intense ) hence why i Said Russia.

Have a great day!


it may sound like im looking for free, i aint. Im not looking for a paid member either, i am getting sponsorship for all.
I could sell it more, but i have had people on other forums trying to argue that im promising pixie dust and ponies.
I aint.

I dont expect anything, obviously you have not read.
It does say if you are able to, not expect. Nice to have not this robotic list states protocol b must be applied.

Im asking if someone has their own gear, who can pay for themselves who wants to do something like this to come along. Im not filming the trip to do the '' look at me '' buzz, i have got gigs freelance work along the way.

I did say for more details free to contact me because well, i dont want to post every single detail because this will only suit certain people and will bore most people. 3 varied forums have told me this is near insane.
That is view on things, not how I view this.

Im looking for a like minded individual who maybe interested, who could afford what they needed, has their own gear and wants to undertake this.
Not me stealing credit. Im a Bushman, too humble to think so negatively.
I am looking for sponsorship to help finance the whole crew, including Maori iwi scholarships not just for me but everyone, so using my hookups to help everyone else isn't self gratification, it is the right thing to do, utilize all resources I can access.
If you are or know anyone who could be interested, yet again feel free to contact me.

If you see this post as an aggressive this fulla trying to milk us for himself type of thing, then sadly that is just an opinion or perception of how this post sounds or is perceived.
There is no deception here, i dont believe in doing that to anyone.
I have been completely honest and sincere in this post.

This is not a angry or snarky or opinionated post based of what I think, to defend myself post or me me me type of thought process.
Im just humbly being honest in my intentions. Just how we are raised here in NZ.
If this rubs someone the wrong way, then maybe this ain't your post or expression of interest which may be of benefit for you or worth your time, for that I am sorry i have wasted your time. No qualms or satire or humor in this remark, she'll be right.

2020 update, i have just finalised most of the prices and costs estimates up for sponsorship and other funding avenues, all of it is on a per person addendum. Of course i wont release these figures here because well it only suited for people who are interested but it is no way near ( expense wise ) then what i have heard other people comment about this trip the likely hood of costs. Between 10 -18k NZD New Zealand Bucks per person ALL IN, this was taken from the upper 50% - 75% of the ranges of prices ( not the cheapest but not the most expensive) i had researched and that includes zero days average food cost, zero days in hostels/backpackers or equivalents, running costs like fuel, mobile network carriers, food for on route trekking. Considering an average budget for a NZ Thru Hike is between 7K to 12.5K NZD ( From research when i tramped TA trail 2018 as well as FAQ on TA Trail Trust Website )'' An amount of NZD$7,000-10,000 has been suggested by previous walkers for a 5-month through-walk. '' TA TRAIL & That is 5 months in NZ with NZD currency.

I think what people thought in mind is their own economy and not Russia's economy when they wrote such remarks that it would cost in the 6 figures per person for a trip. Unless your living a like a king everyday high on the hog, then realistically for a trip such as this, that is neither efficient value wise for this trip way of living, not thrifty economically for trip of this length or adds value collectively to everyone's total cost individually. This is a fact Cost of living in Russia is 47.74% lower than in New Zealand ( link That is compared to the New Zealand Dollar, and all my estimates as stated are taken from the average to upper 75% of the prices that were given. I didn't add this statement to insult or demean anyone, just that anyone had logic would actually back up their words with facts and research, not just blind-founded ignorance.

Hope this adds to any potential parties interest that in reality total costs wont cost 6 figures, the whole angle of this trip of how I am pitching this to potential fund backers and sponsors ( not agenda) aside from promoting Outdoor Recreation to youth and as whole Preservation, Participation & Perceptions that individually or collectively what outdoors recreation can teach and apply to life experiences or personal growth on Humanity particularly for youth into the future BUT the fact that anyone can do an expedition REGARDLESS of cost, length or any other prejudice that stands in his/her way OR that you don't have to be filthy rich to do insane ( societies perception ) Outdoor Recreation or adventures.

JUNE 2020 UPDATES: Okay folks there are few updates on here as of late with the rest of the world dealing with a whole bunch of covid cases a whole lot worse then lil NZ and i am not going to touch on that, however the focus of this updates are the following, i have lecturer at my Uni who is well versed with Russian economics and trips across Russia here in Aotearoa so he has been a great eco to eco comparison. With anticipated inflation rates set at 2.5 % the budget P/P has been reflected of a P/P gear replacement budget as well as a separate group contingency fund for medical/emergency transport/ etc situations so that is not apart of the P/P pricing and funding point which i rather seek funding for the P/P for now. My own funding i have sourced of 900 NZD P/P for up to 4 members is still in place. The current P/P NZD is $16 k roughly NZD that could actually be alot less however is reflective of uncertain exchange rate and inflation rates as well for the projected 2023 start year.

Route changes: a whole bunch of other travel options could be & are avail which either shortens length by at least 1k-3k Kms which is a lot however i realised from the get go when i started planning that the monotony of just walking would be fairly tiresome and i have some ideas which i am double checking expected conditions, appropriate seasons and feasibility of ski trekking the first part of the new route changes as it is flatter, more resupply options from 8 days - 5 days max out resupply options, a long kayak/canoe section which is long i admit but cuts out 1500 Kms or a few months so very helpful. From those water options there are land routes or public transport such as Metro options to skip that if needed or favoured conditions determine so.

Sponsorship: I still will make tarps and bivvi bags or groundsheets for the team so that is not a problem. The NZ Eco is slowly recovering and i should have a fair idea by September if it is feasible to send out sponsorship expression of interests letters out to local trusts/grants/ foundations/corporate partners as well as local NZ outdoor gear brands for the next year from if September is fine till September 2021 roughly. International brands i will wait until late 2021 to get a better world eco opinion of what is happening.

Funding: I have a few live stream / wilderness survival which matches the kaupapa or directives of the trek which is anyone can do a expedition no matter what impedes you, which i thought would compliment it very well. It will be a mix of Youtube live superchats type of fundraising meets go fund me meets Les Stroud, Dick Proeneke and Bush Tucker man inspired type of a fundraising mini wilderness survival scenarios except from a remote wilderness location which can get okay ish reception to broadcast live with major backers determining where appropriate for I.E dropping or getting rid of a ferro rod, dropping a funder determined survival item every 24 hours, It will be a fixed place scenario to survive as long as possible up to 7 days with 2 week stand downs in between each funding event to sort out logistics and retain lost calories. . I have a safety crew or person in mind, the camera equipment i do have for it and ATM i have 4-7 such like wilderness survival events in place in mind with 2 locations planned for. I thought this type of funding whilst not the only major avenue of funding sourcing would be most appropriate for those of us in the team who are able to do so or that do have a okay background in wilderness survival / bushcraft skills and knowledge. It will be a interesting mix of film making, whilst maintaining good resource management with live mistakes and fundraising all in one.

Thats is all i have for now.

Nāku ngā mihinui ki a koutou katoa.
Nā Ash.
Nō Aotearoa. 

Alright following up my updates, for those who are interested. The announcement video Trans Russia Expedition a highly detailed guide. It is on YT under RAS DOES RUSSIA. It explains everything.

September 2020 updates: working on a kitlist video which is for both potential team members as well as for pitching to gear sponsors. 

In reply to RDRUSSIA:

This'll be good.

 McHeath 10 Sep 2020
In reply to RDRUSSIA:

Didn't you try this on here about 18 months ago? 

 RDRUSSIA 10 Sep 2020
In reply to McHeath:

yeah i had some issues with language which could be conceived by non-kiwis as inappropriate i guess before i read the forum post rules. But thought to give it a go again and continue on the search and the planning, just stick to the rules and contacted beforehand UKC to see if posting a wanted advert in the appropriate place. I got alot of flack from people who read this post on other forums as this advert is not limited to just one forum or outdoor skill rec site as i am after different people with different outdoor skill backgrounds. I thought to alter it to sound more convincing then a guy who was wishful thinking, did a video presentation, got third party view on the documents and financials estimates from a reputable independent reviewer, some initial funding gathered and other bits and bobs as well as follow up on updates every month or so.  Since that time i have gone thru great strides to prepare this expedition whilst studying at Uni as well.  

 McHeath 11 Sep 2020
In reply to RDRUSSIA:

OK just checking, thanks and good luck! 

 profitofdoom 11 Sep 2020
In reply to RDRUSSIA:

Please get back to me when you have sponsorship in place, with full details of the sponsorship. Thank you and good luck 

 jimtitt 11 Sep 2020
In reply to bouldery bits:

> This'll be good.

Well yeah, at least he's dropped the plan of pack-rafting UP the Volga to Moscow (it doesn't go through Moscow anyway) but now is going to the Crimea.

Sergey Shcheulin walked across from St Petersburg to Vladivostok because he liked going for long walks and his dad said it was nice there. With absolutely nothing, working for food and dossing wherever he was.

 RDRUSSIA 11 Sep 2020
In reply to jimtitt:

Yeah the pack rafting i had dropped it was not a set idea however i considered it and went thru lengthy broken russian-english / some other languages convos with Russian kayakers who advised it would be better to go down the Volga to Astrakhan as an example and whilst not completely smooth sailing, there are portages, for the most part is more efficient then travelling, out to Moscow, loop, then back to Volga then follow down. A land route adds more then 1000 odd kms. not alot in the grand scope of the route however every km saved is a good thing long term.   

 JStearn 12 Sep 2020
In reply to RDRUSSIA:

If I can offer some constructive criticism as someone who fits your criteria and would consider such a trip, but I don't think you will get much interest without outlining the basics of the trip (route, logistics etc). Nobody is going to watch a 1 hour youtube video when you could summarise this in a paragraph.

Secondly, it may be difficult to find someone on a British climbing forum that will be able to undertake such a trip, as UK citizens can only get 3 month visas at best.

 RDRUSSIA 13 Sep 2020
In reply to JStearn:

Thanks for your feed back . I do realise it is difficult to find a team member on here, im trying to find different people with different backgrounds. But at least i am giving it a crack at it.  A few people have found the video more informative then a paragraph and that was the reason why i did the video.  Videos are an easier form of pumping info out in a effective manner. 

To outline in a paragraph would be difficult but i shall attempt . 

Length : 13424 KMS

Where: Breadth of Russia

Costs P/P: between 19k NZD - 40 K NZD

Length of trip : 14 months expected ATM / 60 weeks 

Start: Bukhta Tadushi to near Crimea or on. That is an ongoing process for the Russian embassy and NZ govt at the moment for that finish at the moment. 

In reply to RDRUSSIA:

If I could offer anything, I'd say this is not a plan at all. It's an aspirational idea. You'd stand more chance of finding people if there was an actual plan.

 JStearn 13 Sep 2020
In reply to RDRUSSIA:

I did watch parts of the video with the timestamps but couldn't really see the route too clearly. I've been travelling on foot and bicycle since 2016 and I think your cost estimates are reasonable (it could be done for less certainly). I would say with a trip like this, it's unrealistic to plan too detailed an itinerary for such a long period. Especially in somewhere like Russia, it is best to keep plans flexible, things will go wrong for sure but all part of the fun. I have just been climbing in the Caucasus with a guy walking from Spain to Siberia with a monowalker, you might want to get in touch with him. I would also suggest averaging 950km/month for 14 months is somewhat unrealistic. You can't just extrapolate thru-hike pace as there will be no trails and maintaining that sort of pace off-trail on foot (through Russian winters no less) would be tough. Assuming you are a NZ citizen, how long a visa can you get?

 RDRUSSIA 20:19 Mon
In reply to JStearn:

Thanks for your feedback. 

 RDRUSSIA 20:19 Mon
In reply to nickinscottishmountains:

thanks for your reply. 

 RDRUSSIA 20:58 Mon
In reply to RDRUSSIA:

I do realize alot of you don;t like what i have to say. I wanted to say this the first time i posted this ad at the start of the year i decided not to but I think i need to say my peace cause obviously this has started a lot of hornets in a nest here. . That is kei te pai. Ehara naku moemoea ki a koutou. Tera pea, ka korero ki a koutou, he ngoikoretanga i ō koutou whakaaro. Anā to whakaaro ki a koe.

I knew finding a member will be hard yet i have found some.  

I have stated once before and i shall say once again, if this post isnt for you, why say anything. This is not a defensive post and i never thought plans were the perfect one, just the one i have at the moment. 

I regularly get both positive and negative feedback daily. 100s or odd replies to these ads daily from various sites to my email accounts. Some are good some are not so good. Some have peaked interest for some and some are critiques in their own headlines.  I always knew i wasn't going to please everyone with my plans.  What you see here on this topic thread is a fraction of what i get daily.  Here and there everywhere. 

Constructive feedback is always good if your intending to help someone. But if it is for your own agenda and I strictly stay away from agendas, ehara māku moumou āku taima ki a koe.  

However plans take time to develop and are adjusted over time.  There is never a clear cut way straight away.  Thats a bit over realistic to think so, which i can say because some of these ideas for this plan is my whakaaro, my thoughts about my thoughts which are on paper.  However this is the internet, people got to let out stresses of life somewhere right? 

If you are interested then email if not then thats fine too. 

If ya want to keep trolling thats fine i cant stop you and well, some people are got to be critical of someone else to suit their own issues they may or may not have anyways. Therapeutic to some. Their is a time and place for everything.  

I will take those punches and come out stronger and more robotic more then what your opinion means anyways. I will carry on regardless of what you say cause yet again what you say is what you say, it is a fraction of the truth and reality, a view of the camera but not all the perspective of the lens.

       If you like what i say good and if you don't that is good too either way.

You have a grand day...

      Māku e haere ai ki Rūhia, nā te mea, he whakaautu taku pātai , pēna he iti whakaautu i roto i te tuaraki tāiao o Rūhia

 No im not going to translate Te Reo Māori. Knowledge of the arts belongs to us all...

In reply to jimtitt:

> Well yeah, at least he's dropped the plan of pack-rafting UP the Volga to Moscow (it doesn't go through Moscow anyway) but now is going to the Crimea.

> Sergey Shcheulin walked across from St Petersburg to Vladivostok because he liked going for long walks and his dad said it was nice there. With absolutely nothing, working for food and dossing wherever he was.

Sergey was Russian and did not need a visa 

Anyone interested in a trek like this is advised to check the requirements for a visa for Russia for UK citizens 

In reply to RDRUSSIA:

Your last post is only partly in English. Can you please re-post it in English so I can understand it. That would be helpful. Thank you 

 ianstevens 08:20 Tue
In reply to profitofdoom:

It's Maori for "don't bother reading my posts or replying unless you're mental, rich and prepared to break Russian immigration law" ;)

 Big Lee 16:59 Tue
In reply to RDRUSSIA:

>       Māku e haere ai ki Rūhia, nā te mea, he whakaautu taku pātai , pēna he iti whakaautu i roto i te tuaraki tāiao o Rūhia

>  No im not going to translate Te Reo Māori. Knowledge of the arts belongs to us all...

Sounds like conversation will be great for 14 months then. 

 BuzyG 17:32 Tue
In reply to RDRUSSIA:

Ka kore koe e marama ki o pou ka akiaki i nga mema o te roopu kia uru mai ki a koe.

Enjoy the solitude.


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