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L Ashton_93 on 05 Jan 2019

Hi All, 

I’m pretty new to climbing and I’m looking for folk to climb with in Sheffield. Wanting to gain some more knowledge and progress a little, I’m fine with the basics and belaying. Got a set of wheels and all the gear needed to climb indoors plus membership at foundry, works and awesome walls! 

If anyone fancies letting me tag along give me a shout! 


Duncan Beard - on 06 Jan 2019
In reply to Ashton_93:

You could join a local club. When I moved to Yorkshire 4 years ago I had nights out in the Peak with the Mynydd, the Oread, Castle & the Peak CC to see which one to join. They all had nice people in! Eventually I joined the Peak CC. In winter we climb indoors on Thursdays, this month it's at Awesome from 7ish. Next month it will be the Foundry.

Northernladlovesgravy - on 07 Jan 2019
In reply to Ashton_93:

You looking to lead climb more at awesome walls? Im trying to get down 2 nights a week 1630 ish til 1900 if thats any good?

L Ashton_93 on 11 Jan 2019
In reply to Northernladlovesgravy:

I’d like to say yes mate but I’ve never had a shot at lead climbing before so don’t know how I’d fair at belaying you..

ElaineJD79 - on 14:55 Tue
In reply to Ashton_93:


I'll be moving to the Peak on Monday 28 Jan and will be looking for someone to climb with at any of the walls you mentioned.  

Give me a shout if/when you would like to meet up.  


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