OGMORE/Wye Valley/Avon? Friday 5th/Saturday 6th

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 Graeme Hammond 02 Aug 2022

Going to be in the Wye Valley area next few days and free to climb from early Friday & on Saturday.

Forecast is currently looking good (perhaps too warm if anything?). Would be good to get some climbing in the Wye area or travel within a reasonable distance, but need to be back in Sheffield by late Saturday evening so ideally not increasing the drive too much and staying in one location would be best. Looking for a partner for each day or someone keen for both to get on some HVS-E2 ish routes.

Have a few ideas of stuff I’d like to get on and happy to belay follow other stuff, abseil for gear if required.

Symonds Yat - only been once and only soloed 1 route, am keen to get on a few "classics"

Shorn Cliff - been a few times but still plenty to do

Wintour's Leap - again been a few times, keen for an attempt on Kangaroo Wall, or the easier The Angel's Girdle and a few single pitch stuff on/around Go Wall, prefer to avoid spending all day repeating some of the multi pitches I've done before, but usually time for a couple so possible.

Wynd Cliff: probably could make a day out of the stuff i have left there, 

Avon (could be too hot?): Various bits all over, preferably not central buttress area and Suspension bridge though the later maybe. Stuff like: Lich gates, The Lich, M1, New Horizons. Etc

Split Rock (Milton Hill Quarry) could be an option too perhaps?

Ogmore (Main) – tide are not amazing early evening low but would be amazing to get on the non-tidal 7 pitch traverse Exposure Explosion (HVS 5a)! Really quite keen for this. Potential for other sport or trad in the area too. 

Open to other ideas 

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In reply to Graeme Hammond:

Sorted for Saturday, but could manage a late afternoon/evening (likely after 4pm) session today in wye valley area sport/trad/even boulder (though have no mat). might not have much signal to arrange as am going canoing till about 3pm (and likely no arms left lol). O787876302596. 

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