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Jd222 30 May 2019


I'm looking for people who might be wanting to start climbing outdoors or improve their trad skills as part of my training for the mountaineering and climbing instructor award. I'd be looking for a wide range of people keen to learn skills for scrambling routes, multi-pitch routes and single pitch routes. I'm based in Newtonmore but will also be around the west coast, NW and Glencoe area. Send me a message if you're interested.

Thanks, Jude.


As a MCI trainee I do not , as yet, hold the Mountaineering and climbing instructor award which is the recognised training qualification for the instruction of scrambling and multi-pitch rock climbing in the UK. I've undergone the training course, but training for an award does not constitute a qualification.

Insurance - I do not hold insurance that allows me to receive payment or benefits in kind for instruction, but as a volunteer with membership of a mountaineering council of the UK or Eire I am insured for third party liability. These topics will need to be discussed in detail and agreed before an activity is conducted.

simc 10 Jun 2019
In reply to Jd222:


Is there anyone who is interested in taking this up?

I'm available on the 19th of June, but we need a least one other!

Gromit :D 11 Jun 2019
In reply to Jd222:

I'd be intersted in getting out, based in Higland Perthshire so can get anywhere fairly easily. 

Not available on the 19th though

damomcgovern 17 Jun 2019
In reply to Jd222:

Hi Jude. Only seeing this now. I work Mon to Fri 9 to 5 but would be interested in getting in some climbing in Glencoe perhaps. Have done a few winter mountaineering courses but none in summer, trad climb at vdiff or so. My weekends are limited due to family stuff but would be happy to check the diary and see what could work?? Not available Wednesday am afraid. 

Effy_yeomans 08 Jul 2019
In reply to Jd222:

Hi! I'm based in Glasgow and I'd absolutely love to take you up on this. I've done some trad seconding and that's about it (plus plenty of indoor bouldering, autobelay, limited indoor toproping). I'm really keen to get outside more, scrambling or single pitch - not adverse to multipitch but it might be above my grade...

Jd222 14 Jul 2019
In reply to Effy_yeomans:

Hello, just got this. If you could message me at judyw22@msn.com with what availability you have that would be great. 


fraven 15 Jul 2019
In reply to Jd222:

Hi Judy, 

I would be very interested in learning to climb outdoors, do you  still availability ? Based in Glasgow , however have a car. 



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