Lynmouth Beach, Devon Bouldering - April 13th

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 Munk 10:13 Wed

Hi all

Ill be in lynmouth on tuesday (April 13th) supporting a friend as he cycles there from Hertfordshire for charity. Ive never tried outdoor bouldering on real rock but know there are a bunch of problems on lynmouth beach.

Can anyone offer advise on getting topos/guidebooks for these problems? Also if there are any local climbers who would like to get together for a few hours in the afternoon id love that. Ill of course be masked up and adhering to social distancing etc.

Im a 6b/6c climber indoors and will be hopefully bringing two crash pads with me. 

Any advice or offers to climb together will be warmly welcomed! thank you all


 Ian Parsons 10:28 Wed
In reply to Munk:

This might be of some help if you don't already have it:

Although you'll no doubt have been directed to this info by UKC's database:

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 Munk 11:22 Thu
In reply to Ian Parsons:

Thank you very much for the links! Annoyingly the bouldering mats i had planned to borrow are now unavailable so it seems my plan is a bust. Hopefully before too long ill get another chance to try these cool looking problems. thanks again for the help

In reply to Munk:

I just had a look at the pictures for the area and looks like some problems are quite low and above shingle. So could well be worth taking your shoes and having a look. Stay low and choose problems with reasonable landings and have a grade in hand so you can step/jump off rather than have an uncontrolled fall off a desperate move that's at at you limit.

A lot of people used to boulder before the invention of bouldering mats.

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