/ Looking for people to climb Ben Nevis this Winte

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L Kevq - on 26 Nov 2018


I am looking for a group of people (up to 3 extras) to climb Ben Nevis this winter.

I will be hiring a guide so it is ideal for beginner climbers.

I will be setting off from Peterborough and will be happy to pick up anybody that is more less on the way.

We will split the costs of petrol and the guide so it is perfect way to begin your adventure with mountaineering and meet new people without breaking a bank .

Please reply to the post or send me a pm if you are interested!

Ps. Posted to wrong forum I see there is a section for finding climb partners, sorry! 




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Rockhopper64 on 27 Nov 2018
In reply to Kevq:

Hi Kev, having soloed Tower Ridge this summer, I'd be up for this, only available at the weekends until 26th Dec then back to work on the 3rd Jan, in between these dates would be good too.

Contact number 07538356277

Cheers Paul

user7911 - on 27 Nov 2018
In reply to Kevq:

Hey Kev, sent you a message,  

 I'm interested in this, I've got loads of hill experience but not much yet in snow, looking to do some training.  I'm free most weekends!


Thanks, Greg

L Ethan_Macfarlane - on 10 Jan 2019
In reply to Kevq:

Hey Keq,

Just sent you a message, this would be great, I don't have much winter experience, but I can be free most days with a bit of notice.



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