/ London to Peak District w-end of 13th-14th April

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Tony_Riz - on 31 Mar 2019

Hi all,

I'm looking for beginners buddies to go trad climbing in the peak district on the weekend of the 13th and 14th of April. Leaving from London on the Saturday early morning, possibly Friday evening after work and coming back on the Sunday.

A group of four would be ideal, we could hire a car and share the cost.

I don't mind which crag we go to, as long as the grades suit everyone.

About me: I've been sport climbing for two years and this would be my introduction to trad. I don't have a full trad rack yet, but planning on acquiring a set of nuts and a couple of cams.

tmn on 01 Apr 2019
In reply to Tony_Riz:

I would be very interested to join and will drop you a mail later on. Apart from stuff from my sport climbing rack, I could contribute two sets of nuts, a set of hexes and a couple of cams . 

L tall chris - on 01 Apr 2019
In reply to Tony_Riz:

Hi Tony,

i stumbled across this at the right time it seems, im just getting back into climbing after a few years off (working too much!) but used to climb trad regularly in the peaks and im looking for people to climb with at the lower end of the grade spectrum.  Have a half decent rack to get going with although i need to pick up some cams. Also have a car and happy to drive/ride share with people for a little petrol money.

i was actually heading up this coming weekend (5th-7th) on my own if you fancied a trip? at a wedding the week you mentioned but might be worth having a chat as it seems we both want to be up in the peaks having a good time out on grit!

Tony_Riz - on 02 Apr 2019
In reply to Tony_Riz:

Hey guys, thanks for the replies!

Is there anyone else here on UKC who would be interested in joining us? 

Why don’t we try and get together at a climbing wall this week? I could do either Thursday or Sunday. My local walls are westway and the castle, I’m happy to travel further though.

We could also start a whatsapp group?

Chris, unfortunately this weekend I’m only free on the Sunday...but let’s stay in touch!

L tall chris - on 03 Apr 2019
In reply to Tony_Riz:

Hi Tony, 

i can do this thursday at the castle if you want to meet up and have a climb. drop me a message if you'd like to and we can organise. 07500874452

Jesus_UKC - on 16 Apr 2019
In reply to Tony_Riz:

Hi all,

Sorry for the offtopic.

By any chance is any of you available for climbing in Easter?

My climbing buddy is injured and I would like fo find someone to go climbing outdoors during Easter.


Tony_Riz - on 19 Apr 2019
In reply to Jesus_UKC:

Hi mate, how long would you like to go away for? I only have easter day free..


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