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La Berarde/Ecrins companion needed July

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 Alfrede 05 Jun 2020

As the Alpine Club meet to the Ecrins has fallen foul of the virus I am left a little stranded. I live in France and have no trouble getting there so I intend to be in La Berarde from the 4th-25th July. (I already have accommodation booked.) I shall thoroughly enjoy some walking, scrambling and trail running on my own but it would be nice to do at least some of the rock and ice routes I was planning. And to have company of course ! I will have full rock and ice gear with me and a car to get about. Very experienced, laid back about what I do and comfortable on rock TD- 6a and mountain AD/D. I can be contacted direct on alfrobertson2@hotmail.com.

 Niceboy 07 Jun 2020
In reply to Alfrede:

Hello Alf.

My wife and I are hoping to fly to Nice 1 -29 th July - we have an apartment there and our fights are booked, so it might be possible for me to give you a week if that’s any good to you? Afraid my fitness - both hill and rockclimbing- is pretty dire at the moment after 10 weeks plus of lockdown; however, I am experienced and am always happy to belay!

Obviously there is a question mark over the flight but I’m hopeful it might be a goer.

Let me know if meeting up might work for you. I have a car in Nice, so I also could drive to meet you somewhere between Nice and La Berarde to climb for a few days if that fitted in better with your plans.

 Alfrede 09 Jun 2020
In reply to Niceboy: hi, thanks for your reply. I have gîte accommodation booked in La Berarde 4-11 and 18-25 July. I intend to drive round to Ailefroide in the intervening week to camp or hut there. Depending on who I find to climb with I may abandon the second gîte week and stay on in Ailefroide. But I have already paid a deposit for the gîte and I am a thrifty Scot! 

Obviously any plans to meet are Boris-dependant (the Lord save us all!) but in principle I would be delighted to join up. I have not been to the Ecrins before so very happy just to explore a new area. No special agenda. Just nice peaks around F-AD and valley rock up to 6a. 

i shall keep you very much in mind and get in touch again in due course.



 islandlynx 17 Jun 2020
In reply to Alfrede:

Hi Alf, (if travel allows) I may be in the area and would be keen to do some ascents. I'll get back in touch if it looks possible.


 Enty 17 Jun 2020
In reply to Alfrede:

Hi Alf,

I've always wanted to to do the Voie Madier on the Dibona but never been able to get the logistics right so I could do it with one of my regular partners.

I could come up in July if you're up for it. I'm just over three hours drive away from La Berarde and pretty flexible in July. I'd come up in my van.

Also interested in some of the roadside cragging on the road up between St Christophe and La Berarde.

Send me a PM if you think you might be interested.



 Alfrede 27 Jun 2020
In reply to Alfrede:just a bump to remind you that I will be in Berarde from next Saturday night and the forecast is looking good. Let me know  if you are around there on alfrobertson2@hotmail.com or 0033 785163376. It would be brilliant to start with the Madier bit any nice route will do!


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