/ El Chorro - Late September / Early October

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Pablo_M 11 Aug 2019

Hi guys!

Thinking of heading solo to El Chorro towards back end of September / early October.

I read it is usually possible to find other solo travelers/climbers in the hostels around there but posting here just in case there is anyone with similar plans around those dates.

Also, is that time of the year already ok-ish for climbing or is it still too hot?



travelguy 11 Aug 2019
In reply to Pablo_M:

should be lots of climbers at the Olive Branch

weather is most likely going to be good by then

Alfrede 15 Aug 2019
In reply to Pablo_M: Hola Pablo. I will be staying in the Olive Branch with a hire car 1-3 Oct and again 27Oct-1 Nov and looking for scratch partners so if you are around then I am available. But I believe there are always plenty of possible partners around!

kylos8048 15 Aug 2019
In reply to Pablo_M:

It's still going to be a little on the hot side but there are plenty of good shady crags like despo. Finding partners if you're staying in the olive branch or la finca is never an issue but I've never been there quite so early in the season. 

MarcG 03 Sep 2019
In reply to kylos8048:

I'll be stayin in Málaga, with a rental car from september 4th to oct 2nd. Still looking for partners. Hopefully we can find some shade!

Pablo_M 17 Sep 2019
In reply to MarcG:

Hey Marc!

It's official now, I'm heading there Friday week.
What's the situation there? Have you been doing any climbing?

Atenisoncollins 17 Sep 2019
In reply to Pablo_M:

Hi Pablo and others. I'll be free from 28th September onwards and in the area and looking for partners. Currently leading 6a+ /6b sports . I'll have rope and draws with me too.

My number is 07366448999


Reko 22 Sep 2019
In reply to Atenisoncollins:

Hey all, flying to Malaga/Chorro on Friday morning (27th of Sep), could use a climbing buddy! Pablo, Angus, others, please contact me on mobile +358407725468.

Looking to climb as many multipitches as I can, on the 5c-6c range. Bringing trad gear and own 70m rope, and all the other stuff as well.


babylondon 24 Sep 2019

Hey guys

Me and my girlfriend will be climbing in El Chorro between 29 September to 8 October. We are a bit of a mixed ability group she’ll climb 4s and hopefully 5s, I’ll climb 5s and hopefully 6as or 6bs. We’ll have a car and gear. Does anyone (a lone climber or a pair) think they might want to join in on the fun?


silhouette 24 Sep 2019
In reply to babylondon:

Could be of interest Pavel. I'll email you.

Pablo_M 28 Sep 2019


So, settled in Olive Branch now!  I'm here til Saturday 5th of October.

Anyone around!?

Alfrede 29 Sep 2019
In reply to babylondon:

I will be there on wed/thu this week looking to climb exactly your grade. Would love to join in. I also have car and gear. Alf.

babylondon 01 Oct 2019

Hey guys, we are planning to arrive to the Olive Branch on Wednesday, 9pm or thereabouts. See if we can have a chat...

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