/ Memory Map GPX bug?

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L terrypin - on 01 Mar 2018

Any Memory Map (MM) users here please? The UK forum was unfortunately dropped years ago and I'm keen to discover if there are any other alternative active discussion areas.

I raised the following issue over four years ago with MM UK support but had no resolution.

I import MM's proprietary MMO files of GPS tracks recorded on my iPhone to my PC's MM app. I save those as GPX for wider use elsewhere. When such a GPX is later opened in MM its data is unchanged. A walk started at 09:00 will still be shown in MM as starting at 09:00, just as it is in other programs such as GPS Utility, Google Earth, etc. So far so good.

But if that walk was recorded during a BST period and re-saved from MM during a GMT period (like now), there's a problem. The start date (seen in any program as well as MM) becomes 08:00. All time stamps are one hour behind. If I open that file and save again, the error becomes two hours, and so on.

Anyone seen similar? Or able to reproduce that behaviour in previous GPX files saved originally from MM please? About three weeks left to explore before BST...

Terry, East Grinstead, UK


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