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 rodw 11 Sep 2021

Panning wild camping trip to the Cairngorms carn toul angels peak brairiach etc is mid October to late

 OwenM 11 Sep 2021
In reply to rodw:

Depends on the weather,  could be a tad chilly on the tops. Where are you thinking of camping? There's a flatish spot by the Falls of Dee that's often windless when it's blowing a hoolie all around it. Most likely it will be blowing a hoolie mid October but you never know. 

In reply to rodw:

As owenM says, it's often grim, wet and windy or it could be lovely! Have bivvied on the tops in November in fine weather before. Apologies for atating the obvious but a plan b would be a good idea at any time of the year.

Good luck, can be a magical time of year

 Welsh Kate 12 Sep 2021
In reply to rodw:

Not too late if the weather's good! You can always drop down to Loch nan Stuirteag for a slightly more sheltered location, though you do lose a bit of height. Alternatively do the high level traverse in a day and camp at Corrour bothy; then you've got the fall-back of the bothy if the weather's really unpleasant.

 Flinticus 12 Sep 2021
In reply to rodw:

Make sure your tent is pretty stable in wind.

Have bail out routes planned, lose height quickly and safely to somewhere offering a sheltered pitch or even a bothy / shelter. 

(You don't give your experience but your photos show some so you should be grand)

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