/ Quoich road closure till mid 2019

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Ranger Nic 05 Dec 2018

Road access to many Knoydart mountains is closed at the Quoich Dam due to a massive landslide which is still active. Highland Council posted this recently: 


Note that the road is not expected to open until mid 2019.

Having visited the site today, it does not appear to be an option to take access along the road on foot or mountain bike. Rather than waste a day, it would be better to take one of the alternative options:

For Spidean Mialach, take the right-of-way from the roadside just short of Kingie and approach the Munro along its Eastern ridge. Return the same. If for any reason you need to descend to the road alongside Loch Quoich, this should be treated as an emergency which should be notified to the Police as there is no safe way past the Quoich Dam and the alternative route (an ATV track) provided for estate use involves a river crossing which could be hazardous.

Other Quoich mountains would require access from Glen Kingie, Loch Arkaig, Arnisdale and/or Barrisdale or even Glen Shiel. All involve longer approach routes.

Pictures of the site appear on my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/nic.bullivant



Eric9Points 05 Dec 2018
In reply to Ranger Nic:

Thanks I was planning to go there this weekend.

Nae luck if you live in Kinlochourn.

Ranger Nic 14 Dec 2018
In reply to Eric9Points:

I was thinking the same, but apparently only one resident is affected on a daily basis. He works for one of the estates and has a daily travel across the dam, the ATV track and across the river to keep an eye on some farm animals and back home. I think he lives up in Glen Quoich. He's going to have a quiet Christmas!

colinakmc 14 Dec 2018
In reply to Ranger Nic:

Thanks for the update, that’s really helpful advice re alternative routes.

Alison Page 05 Feb 2019
In reply to Ranger Nic:

Hi, Do you know how I can get an update on the road closure please? We were planning a walk up Gairich in May (for my husband's last Munro) ironically, chosen because easily accessible. Is there a way through on foot now, and places to park? Or is there a website I can consult nearer the time?

malky_c 05 Feb 2019
In reply to Alison Page:

Keep an eye on the news section of the MCofS website:


Or you could start walking (or cycling?) at Poulary and follow the forestry track up Glen Kingie. Bit longer obviously, but ties in nicely with a descent of the western end of Gairich.

Alison Page 05 Feb 2019
In reply to malky_c:


Simon Caldwell 05 Feb 2019
In reply to Alison Page:


"Following a meeting on the 16th January between The Highland Council and the engineers we are informed the road will be open in time for the Easter weekend.
This will of course be subject to the Highland Council’s opening of the road to the public"

Colin Moody 05 Feb 2019
In reply to Alison Page:

I was on this hill a couple of weeks ago. The road had a barrier a mile or two before the dam so there was an extra bit of walking. I was told to walk across below the dam and if I heard an alarm I was to 'run for my life'!

Mike-W-99 09 Feb 2019
In reply to Ranger Nic:

Theres an update from one of the locals on walk highlands, see the last post - https://www.walkhighlands.co.uk/Forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=85467&start=30

pasbury 09 Feb 2019
In reply to Ranger Nic:

That's a pretty impressive landslide. That slope must be less stable than it looks.

In reply to pasbury:

I (and my family) was in Kingie Lodge at the time of the landslide (the closest house to the dam). It was massive. Sounded like a very large alpine avalanche. Surprisingly little dust though.

It certainly put the kibosh on our plans for the week!

Howard 17 Mar 2019
In reply to Alison Page:

Alternatively, you could drive to the end of the road at the head of Loch Arkaig, take the path to Kinbreack cross the River Kingie if not in spate, then ascend Garich Beag from the west then on to Gairich. 

duckman 22 Mar 2019
In reply to Ranger Nic:

Hey folks, any update on the road? Details seem very sparse on Highland councils site.

Simon Caldwell 22 Mar 2019
In reply to duckman:

http://www.kinlochhourn.com/ is still saying Easter - and since their livelihood is affected I'd expect them to have updated by now if there was any significant chance of a delay

gingerbex 24 Apr 2019
In reply to duckman:

According the Lochhournhead B+B Facebook page the road is now open (from 18th April). 

mcdweeb 13 May 2019
In reply to gingerbex:

Crossed the landslide area today on a new stretch of road, no problems.

its a very impressive and humbling landslide, hard to believe in Scotland with our relatively benign climate and geology.

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