Long distances & chapped lips

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 lboutside 10:22 Thu

I'm currently in training for a long distance charity walk (100km) however I've started to notice a reoccuring issue that has come about on my longer walks (30km+) that oddly I don't tend to get when cycling long distances and that is in the days after a longer walk my lips get really dry and chapped. At first I thought it might be a hydration issue but I've really dialled that in and on my most recent hike where I covered 75km in 12 1/2 hours I was able to keep really well hydrated with of places to refill my hydration bladder and made sure I was regularly topping up with electrolytes. I also made sure to keep applying the vaseline I was carrying for other chafing related issues regularly but still in the days following my lips are really painful.

The only thing I can think of is that I tend to do these longer distances on fairer days and it could be something to do with sun exposure but I'm not sure because I didn't burn anywhere else? I must admit that I've really only been walking properly like this for the last year or 2 and the last time I was doing distances like these was when I was a teenager so I still have a fair amount to learn and hopefully someone might have a few tips or tricks to pass on.

 girlymonkey 10:49 Thu
In reply to lboutside:

I get chapped lips all the time. I guess just wind etc will do it. I use Carmex lip balm, it's amazingly effective. Or on sunny days, I have a Nivea one with a high SPF while I am out and use the Carmex when I get back.

In reply to lboutside:

I use snowfire for my lips. Never go anywhere without a tube. Been using it since I was a child. Easily the best thing out there imo. Takes away the pain/annoyance of chapped lips.

Take it skiing, hiking, mtbiking and even surfing.

 Joak 12:23 Thu
In reply to lboutside:

Smear your lips with sheep disnae cure chapped lips,  but it sure as hell stops you licking them.  

 Lankyman 12:25 Thu
In reply to lboutside:

I was talking about this to an old farmer many years ago. He said to rub some cow manure on them. 'Will it help?' I asked. 'No' he replied ' but it'll stop you licking your lips'.

 Lankyman 12:27 Thu
In reply to Joak:

Beat me to it!

 lboutside 13:01 Thu
In reply to lboutside:

Haha well manure may well be the cheaper option of them all, easier to find on the fly as well. But I think I'll try the other options know...for science and that hahaha

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