Does Re-proofing tents work?

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 PaulJepson 19 May 2020

More importantly, is it worth doing?

I have a Vango Banshee which has started to let a bit of moisture in through the floor and I'm not sure I'd trust the rest in a heavy downpour but I am quite fond of it. 

Any experience? If so - what product?

 outdoors.nick 19 May 2020
In reply to PaulJepson:

I had the same with my Banshee and reproofed the floor using TentSure made by a company called McNett (this was a few years ago now and it was the cheapest stuff I could find then so I'm sure you'll be able to find better stuff).

I haven't used it though any proper downpours but its made a noticable improvement and the tent is still going strong.

For the minimal cost and effort I'd say definitely worth it. 

 tingle 19 May 2020
In reply to PaulJepson:

If it’s sentimental give it a try but I have never managed to make any lasting difference with mine unfortunately 

 elliot.baker 19 May 2020
In reply to PaulJepson:

I had a Banshee years (7+??? more?) and I re-proofed it after leaving it in the cupboard for several years and then it was fine again. I too found the floor a bit leaky but didn't consider to re-proof that.

I ended up selling it and getting a Vango Halo Pro which is quite a bit bigger inside and you can sit up - but haven't had the pleasure of using it yet! 

(later this year - fingers crossed.) :-D

 Hutson 19 May 2020
In reply to PaulJepson:

I discussed this with a reproofing agent manufacturer once after our tent floor gave up in a sustained downpour and he was of the opinion that it would be nigh on impossible to reliably reproof the floor of a tent once it had failed due to the pressures involved. He said the fly would have been ok but not the floor.

The tent in question was a reasonably light 3-man Saunders and isn't for sale any more, so on the occasions we use it we put a tarp down as a groundsheet which also keeps the tent a bit warmer. 

 PaulJepson 19 May 2020
In reply to tingle:

I challenge any Vango tent owner not to be sentimental about it!

 FinrodFelagund 19 May 2020
In reply to PaulJepson:

I had an 8 year old Marmot tent. Water used to come straight up through the floor.

I sent it to these guys:

The interaction was a bit strange. First they contacted me to say that they had tested the flysheet, and found that it was leaking. And they don't do flysheet replacement. Therefore they wouldn't replace the groundsheet.

Anyway after a bit of back and forth, I managed to convince them that I was happy with the condition of the flysheet. 

They replaced the groundsheet, and having since camped in the wet, I can say I am very happy with the work they did for me. 

 PaulJepson 19 May 2020
In reply to FinrodFelagund:

Given that the cost of replacing the groundsheet is more than I paid for the new tent, I think I'll pass!

Maybe a tarp on the ground and giving the fly a spray is the way to go.

Thanks all.

 Dell 19 May 2020
In reply to PaulJepson:

Get some thin polythene (disposable decorators dustsheet) to use as a footprint 

Weighs nothing, will cost about £2 and you'll get several out of one single sheet. 

 Andy Hardy 19 May 2020
In reply to PaulJepson:

I know they do it to save weight, but PU nylon is not the best material for groundsheets in terms of longevity.

I had an old WC Hyperspace that I donated for spares on here, that had a neoprene proofed groundsheet that was as good as the day it was made. Iirc, Macpac are about the only maker of tents with decent groundsheets now.

Rant over. 

I remember when all this was fields you know...

 steve_gibbs 19 May 2020
In reply to PaulJepson:

I made my MSR last around 14 years, due to periodic reproofing. I used a product called FabSil Gold, which worked a treat reproofing the underneath of the groundsheet. It went from soaking up water to beading water like a dream. I only used it on the groundsheet though. I can’t recall what I used on the rest of the tent.

 Dave the Rave 19 May 2020
In reply to PaulJepson:

I used Fabsil Universal protector on my Solar  2 groundsheet and it worked fine.

 apwebber 21 May 2020
In reply to PaulJepson:

Challenge accepted! I have a Halo 3 man tent and hate the thing. The poles are weak, the guy ropes are cheap and not reflective, the zips aren't smooth enough to close the inner doors single handed, the supplied pegs are crap, to close the outer door from the inside you have to do this crazy yoga like move to reach all the way down to the ground at the apex of the tent porch wall whilst trying to keep your knees inside the inner. Repeat the same in order to open it in the morning - I've attached string to zips so at least I can pull on them to open it. I don't even like the tent bag, it's fat and you've got to make sure the compression straps are arranged correctly in order to use them after you've stuffed the tent into it.

Mine is used reluctantly for car camping. I miss my north face tadpole, but it sadly died and the company has changed.

 PaulJepson 22 May 2020
In reply to apwebber:

You must be doing something wrong...

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