Camping/water by great moss

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 GDes 06 Aug 2022

Asking for my sister here, but what are the chances of finding water by great moss at the moment? They are planning on walking in via Mosedale. Any top tips for camping spots up there (I appreciate that most people done like to share these, so feel free to ignore that bit of you like) 



 Rick Graham 06 Aug 2022
In reply to GDes:

She will probably have more trouble finding dry ground to camp on than drinking water

Had some good weather but no drought in Cumbria.

 storm-petrel 06 Aug 2022
In reply to GDes:

The walk in via Mosedale is great with lovely views of the "wild side" of the Scafells in clear weather. During really wet weather it can sometimes be a bit problematical crossing Lingcove Beck but that shouldn't be an issue at present.

There are plenty of great camping spots around the Great Moss so they just need to arrive well before dark and have a look around. It's a very atmospheric place to camp with a feeling more like a remote part of Scotland than the Lake District. It was the site of my very first wild camp back in the 1980s.

For drinking water just pick one of the tributaries that run down off the valley sides to join the Esk. As long as there is a good flow and there are no dead sheep in the water upstream there shouldn't be any problem.

 plyometrics 16:52 Sun
In reply to Rick Graham:

Couldn’t agree more. It’s always gopping down there!

 Rick Graham 17:09 Sun
In reply to plyometrics:

> Couldn’t agree more. It’s always gopping down there!

Once went to Esk Buttress  in February, alpine start , walking across the frozen great moss at first light . 

Lovely rock climbing in full sunshine .

Knee deep bog and thigh deep snow wading on way back .

 Bingers 18:23 Sun
In reply to GDes:

I have camped at Scar Lathing having dropped down from Mosedale to Lingcove Beck and contouring around.  It had changed in character between my earlier visits in 1997 and my later ones in 2016 - less flat land for some reason, but there was still room to camp.  I have seen others camping (or bivvying) at Sampson's Stones and dotted all around any flat bits in the overall area.  A lovely place to spend time away from it all.  Overall, plenty of water to drink, happy to fill bottles of it to take back to Yorkshire and its well known our water is better than most others.

Nice swimming spots in the Esk as well.

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