Cairngorms: Midges?

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 Fenda 20 Aug 2021

Going for my first wild camp in the Cairngorms hopefully on Sunday. Anyone out that way? Wondering if the midges are out at the moment - especially as the forecast seems a bit humid with lower winds.

 fmck 20 Aug 2021
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I'm afraid they chose to have a staycation this year as well.

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They were pretty gruesome in the evenings a couple of weeks ago when we were there - Sorry! 

 Fat Bumbly2 20 Aug 2021
In reply to blurty:Not the Cairngorms but nearby…. Horrible in Glen Shee/ Glen Lochsie on Sunday

 Lankyman 20 Aug 2021
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Had my worst midgeing ever in August in Glen Tilt. Have fun!

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The wind is your friend. Camp high and into the wind!

 Toccata 20 Aug 2021
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Grim in Glen Feshie.

 Fenda 20 Aug 2021

Oof, OK, sounds like I should head down to the Scottish Borders instead then! Thanks all.

 Pero 21 Aug 2021

Midges in Scotland in August! Whatever next?

 peppermill 21 Aug 2021
In reply to Fenda:

There's been a lot of these posts this year, the only advice I can offer is:

It's Scotland, it's August, unless you get lucky and there's a breeze you will likely have to deal with midges. 

Headnet, fcktonnes of Smidge slavered on your neck and during the day try to keep moving (doesn't help with the camping obv but makes a walk far more enjoyable).

Also remember midges are just the irritating distraction.........ticks and cleggs are the real enemy..........;p

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 Dave the Rave 21 Aug 2021
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It was a lovely day in September 1995. Me and my good mate Whisky Dave , decided to bypass the Lakes for pastures new.

Up the M6 we went in my Volvo 340, with a plan of trying out the Moffat Hills.

We parked below the? Grey Mares Tail waterfall and hatched a plan of camping by Loch Skeen.

We had a lovely walk up past the waterfall and into some quite wild territory for people accustomed to the Lake District.

Full of banter and wonderment of our new surroundings, we pitched the yellow quasar tent at the head of the loch. We cooked tea and had a few slurps of our stash.

On hearing a Peregrine, and getting sick of Whisky’s repetitive, inane drivel, I decided to climb up further as the sun set to try and see the Peregrine, which I did.

Looking down, some 200 feet below, I saw Whisky emerge from the quasar and have a leak, trousers down and waving.

Then, he seemed agitated and dived into the tent shouting. I descended at speed and heard a blood curdling scream.

As I approached the Quasar and let myself in, I was confronted by Whisky writhing and moaning and shouting shut the door!

As I stopped moving I became aware of clouds of midges moving in for the kill.

I shut the door and Whisky began spraying Sure deodorant on any infiltrators.

It turned out that the scream was him, having sprayed his midge bitten rim

Dont camp there in still weather in summer or feel that there is any respite in the Scottish Borders, For Sure! 

 Tringa 23 Aug 2021
In reply to peppermill:

Agree and disagree.

It is almost pointless asking about what the midges will be like in Scotland in August(or almost anytime in the summer). As you say  -" will likely to have to deal with midges."

In many years of visiting Scotland during the summer months I have known only two occasions when there were very few midges at some time, they are just part of the landscape.

I find midges more than a distraction. I find them almost unbearable when they are in force. Ticks could be a problem but with careful checking they can be dealt with and you don't feel them attach; and fortunately I don't appear to be that attractive to them. Clegs are annoying and again I'm lucky that after the initial, admittedly painful, bite I have no reaction.

However, everyone is different.


 Fat Bumbly2 23 Aug 2021
In reply to Tringa:

They do tend to come in hatches so the experience can vary between horrible and Armageddon. The questions are valid. Sounds like it’s particularly bad right now.

 ohsmeg 23 Aug 2021

I live at the northern edge of the Cairngorms and can confirm that the midges are definitely about. Also yes, currently it is humid and the wind speeds are very low. As Deleated Bagger said, camp into the wind. Also as Peppermill suggested, use Smidge and check yourself regularly for ticks, they’re about in force at the moment. It’s still worth coming up here, it’s beautiful. 

 nomisb 23 Aug 2021
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 Jus 23 Aug 2021
In reply to Fenda:

We had 3 weeks in July/ Aug just passed, sticking mainly to coastal areas of Mull, Skye etc

We had 2 bad midgefests the whole time. Both v still evenings - in Dunvegan & on Raasay.

Rest of the time we were totally fine. Lucky I guess.

In reply to Jus:

We had the same experience and came back last week from Glencoe and Skye. 

In reply to Fat Bumbly2:

> They do tend to come in hatches so the experience can vary between horrible and Armageddon. The questions are valid. Sounds like it’s particularly bad right now.

Agreed - if the question was posed three weeks ago, the answer would have been "almost none" but once we had the post heatwave rain, the big hatching came out and it's back to normal.

 peppermill 27 Aug 2021
In reply to Tringa:

> However, everyone is different.

> Dave

Yes. I rarely react badly to midges (bar one "Memorable" night in Torridon....) whereas other people seem to end up with the "Leper look" at the whiff of a midge.

My point was midges are basically harmless, as much as they can ruin your day. Ticks have all their well publicised nasties and I have more than one friend that has ended upon antibiotics after being bitten by cleggs.

Anyway. How was the night camping OP?

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 Fat Bumbly2 27 Aug 2021
In reply to timparkin:

My last trip was plagued by clouds of mozzies. Almost a holiday compared with midges. They respect da repellant

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