/ B2 boot pain, front of ankle

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handyman24602 02 Dec 2019

I've been out in my new La Sportiva Trangos 3 times now. The first time they were great until my bunions hurt as usual breaking in a shoe, this has since resolved.

The second time on the desent I got an irritation turning to pain in my front ankle, this felt like the first metal D islets were biting into my skin. I could tell the next day that the tendon was quite sore to the touch at this point.

The third time they hurt straight out of the car, I went back and swapped my volume enhancing super feet for standard super feet, this helped. But later in the day they still hurt.

The next thing I'm going to try is 'window lacing' over the first islet to try and reduce the pressure in this area:


Does anyone have any experience of this? I've never had fabric boots before, usually this area has a lot of padding in leather boots. Boots felt great in store.

Pursued by a bear 02 Dec 2019
In reply to handyman24602:

I'd also experiment with how how lace the top two pairs of eyes/hooks/whatever they are on the boot.  Instead of lacing normally, when tying skip the next to last pair and go straight to the top pair before going down to the pair you missed out to tie off.

It might not seem as though it will help, and it might not, but it's worth trying to see.  People who can just lace up their boots without any faff don't know how fortunate they are.



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